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Reply #30: A bunch of liberals did not do this in 2000 [View All]

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grantcart Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Sep-09-09 02:18 AM
Response to Reply #29
30. A bunch of liberals did not do this in 2000
comparing this very middle of the road position to the extremist action you refer to is laughable.

The current health care system in America is very comparable to the kind of criminal conspiracy that you see in the Sopranos.

Money is taken on the basis of a contract for future payment. When those conditions are met Health Care Companies seek a 'frivilous' reason to decline. You have heard of 'frivilous lawsuits' well this is frivilous declines. A person gets skin cancer and is treated but it costs $ 200,000 and the HC companies decline because of a precondition and the applicant didn't list all of her moles on the application form 5 years before.

I work in the insurance industry. I am licensed by the state. Everything that I saw and every brochure has to be approved by the State Commissioner of Insurance. There used to be a law that if the insurance company used a frivilous reason and was found by a jury not to have made "good faith efforts" to settle claims that they would be liable not only for the claim but also for a penalty.

All of that has been stripped away and Insurance company profits have gone through the roof while cost has increased service declined.

There is a reason that every state has an Insurance Commissioner but not a Manufacturing Commissioner or a Retail Commissioner.

Insurance is the only industry where the client has to make substantial payments on the hope that when they are needed the company will act in good faith. It is not an open market. As SICKO showed so painfully top executives and claim review managers are compensated by bonuses on the basis of how many legitimate claims can be denied.

CEOs that install incentive packages for executives based on the percent of claims that are declined, and found that legitimate claims have been declined should be arrested for fraud and in prison.

You obviously do not have any experience with single payer systems outside of the US. If you had then you would know that we are literally 140 years behind.

The Germans came to a consensus on the principal of "solidarity" in the 1880s. Ironically it was done by conservatives to stave off the communists and socialists.

Today the conservative Parties of Australia, Canada, and the UK use such words as "national treasure" to describe their single payer system.

Health Care reform without a Public Option would mean that every US citizen WOULD BE REQUIRED BY LAW TO PURCHASE HEALTH INSURANCE AND SUBJECT TO MASSIVE FINES IF THEY DID NOT. It will not be reform but rather a substantial subsidization of these criminal health care companies by the US government.

I will not purchase medical insurance from any private company for any reason.

Your comparison to holding out for reforms THAT ARE CURRENTLY CONSIDERED TO BE ROUTINE BY CONSERVATIVE PARTIES IN OTHER COUNTRIES to the treachery of Naderites is perhaps the most ignorant statement on the subject I have read to date.

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