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Liberals: Prepare for Defcon: Level Batshit Crazy [View All]

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grantcart Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Sep-08-09 10:28 PM
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Liberals: Prepare for Defcon: Level Batshit Crazy
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A liberal civil rights leader told me almost 40 years ago that the liberals on the committee were going to lose.

In the end we would be out manouvered and he was right.

The setting was the city's largest liberal mainline church. Booming when other churches shrank it had money and power. It stood up against the war, hunger and civil rights.

The senior pastor was leaving and the wise old attorney asked me if the other 5 liberals on the pastor seeking committee were all reasonable people. "Yes they are all reasonable".

"Well that was the problem with liberals - they are reasonable."

"Rather than losing a good thing we give a little, give a little more. All the other side has to do is to wear you down with unreasonableness.

They don't care if a good thing is lost - they are habitually unreasonable.

For Liberals to win you have to be prepared to go to Defcon: Batshit Crazy.

That's how we broke them in Selma. Wouldn't ride a bus for a year.

That's how we stopped the war, we went batshit in the street until it hurt their business. Unless you are ready to go batshit - liberals will lose in negotiations everytime."

He was right. After a year of watching them find some superficial reason to reject every progressive candidate we eventually settled on trying to find an intellectually honest conservative. After that pastor left they found somebody that was more conservative and intellectually dishonest. Then they found somebody who Billy Graham would consider too far right.

The Public Option is our compromise position.

If you have lived overseas or have talked with people who have experienced it, its hard to express how retrograde our health system is and how reasonable single payer is.

Single Payer is not a particularly liberal position.

The Conservative Parties of England, Canada and Australia all love single payer.

The Democratic Party, Single Payer and the Public Option are not wild eyed radicals and policies, they are in the middle of the developed world. This country has moved so far to the right that middle of the road seems radical.

So we have to be prepared to go all out - committ to complete batshit crazy - on the Public Option compromise.


And if that puts on the other side of the Whitehouse on this one (and I don't think it will) then we still go batshit and those of us who love the man can still love him, its business its not personal.

Going batshit now is essential if we are going to have any power in the next 7 years. If the moderates and the conservative Democrats think that we are always going to be there then they are going to take us for granted on all of the other issues that we want to advance in the future - size of the military budget - for example. Instead of trying to negotiate with us they will only be interested in negotitating with Republicans.

So even if Health Care doesn't get passed now it will be better for us in the long run.

Every once in a while liberals have to stop being reasonable and just be batshit crazy. The Public Option is one of those times.
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009) Donate to DU

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