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What does this whole "Obama needs to *slow down*" meme mean exactly? [View All]

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Proud Liberal Dem Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Aug-02-09 12:06 AM
Original message
What does this whole "Obama needs to *slow down*" meme mean exactly?
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I was reading the Slate article detaining conversations with so-called "Independent Voters" ( ) and was wondering exactly what these voters want President Obama to do? What exactly do they want him to "slow down" on and why? There are so many things that need to be dealt with and I can't believe that these people would want him to be more *casual* or "slow" about dealing with them. Plus, I imagine that they would be among the first people bitching and moaning about President Obama moving too slow or not doing enough if he wasn't seen as being more active. President Obama was handed a humongous national mess from the last (P)resident, somebody who spent a large portion of his time in office NOT attending to his duties, which ultimately resulted in a massive tragedy (9/11), somebody who started a major invasion/occupation that was unncessary (Iraq) and, in the process, created unnecessary diplomatic conflicts with other countries as well, and somebody whose inaction created a big disaster for a major American city (New Orleans)

The last President left office unashamedly with TWO serious military conflicts ongoing, as well as the most *lovely* parting gift of all, a royally f****d up economy to boot. President Obama came into office probably having more to attend to than nearly any President other than maybe FDR and IMHO he has risen to the many challenges quite admirably, first by focusing all or most of his attention on helping restore our economy (or at least keeping it from getting even worse), including, most recently, focusing on health care reform, which he could've just as easily avoided right now and kicked down the road a bit with everything else going on. He has also done a good job, in league with SOS Clinton, helping to start the process of mending fences with other countries, not to mention practicing some "tough love" with some of our allies (Israel) that most recent Presidents haven't been willing to confront in such a bold manner. He has also begun the process of curtailing/ending some of the excesses and abuses of the previous (mis-)administration. Not enough yet and not fast enough IMHO but headed in the right direction.

I could understand people's concern about him moving too fast or doing too much if it seemed like he had an adult case of ADHD and was wearing himself thin and not really handling everything as well as he seems to be but so far, I don't get the sense that he is- and I, frankly, appreciate the fact that he is not *slowing down*. There is lots for him (and us) to do and the sooner that we start facing what we need to do and doing them the better off it will be for everybody and kudos to President Obama for hitting the ground running!

I wonder if some people's expectations, after years of "do nothing" or "do little" Presidents (with the exception of Bill Clinton), have been lowered too far and that they expect way too little from Presidents and can't understand what is going on when they suddenly realize they now have a POTUS who is a real "work horse" and is trying to get important things done. What exactly do they expect him to accomplish or do better if his COS were to, as our very own *lovable* Zell Miller recently suggested, "glue" him to his chair in the Oval Office?
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