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Something Better: I thought that President Obama was awesome tonight [View All]

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Lorax7844 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Jul-23-09 01:54 AM
Original message
Something Better: I thought that President Obama was awesome tonight
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Edited on Thu Jul-23-09 02:04 AM by Lorax7844
I can't help but be comforted when he goes on tv and explains what the hell is going on. It makes me feel much better about him and about what is going on behind the doors of power. Am I pissy that he talks to healthcare people behind closed doors? Hell no, and I'll tell you why, because I honestly believe that he wants to help us as much as he can. I knew when I voted for him that I was voting for someone that has to play the game, I knew that he was the grand negotiator. I'm fine with it, if people actually get some relief then I am getting what I voted for. Something better. Something more fair. Something that will help a few more people live good and healthy lives. That makes me happy, that's what I wanted all along. I wanted someone to sit in a room with the wheelers and dealers and get us a better shake, a bigger piece of the pie, etc.

Will I shut up about things I don't like? Oh, hell no! Obama said when he got elected that he needed us to remind him of his promises and he needs us to help him help us. If we become silent about the things that matter, then we sell ourselves, our country, and our President out. Without us out there talking and giving people the truth, we are lost and so is he. If we quit calling our congress people, if we quit bugging those that make the law and the big decisions then he has nothing to say to them when they get behind closed doors. When we do what we are suppose to, Obama can come to the table and say, "the people agree with me on this, you have the proof, now make it happen."

Things that I got me giddy when he mentioned them:

1 When he called out drug makers for offering the $80 billion in cost reductions and then said that if they came to the table with the $80 billion, than we probably can get more. One billion is a lot of relief, just imagine $150 billion in cut drug costs, that is a lot of grandmas and kids with cancer whose lives are saved.

2 When he talked about ending no-bid contracting in the military!?! OMFG! Awesome! That is so much money to be saved, my little heart skips a beat.

3 When he talked about cutting waste in the system, that saves money for everyone. We just have to put on the pressure to make sure that they cut the right things. This is where a lot of our pet issues come in, BTW. If planned Parenthood is a big deal to you fight for it, fight for it's funding. If it's the environment or organic farming, then make sure all of us here know the truth. If it's education or Medicare, fight for it. Do your part.

Those 3 things were may favorite, what are yours?

I didn't go into this Presidency with rosy glasses on, I knew what I was getting and all I really wanted was something better. So I get a few issues that make me tear my hair out, it's still better than tearing my hair out over everything. So thanks President Obama, thanks for reminding me that while you aren't perfect, you are a hell of a lot better than what we had.

Cheers y'all and never stop calling your congressmen or going by their offices, never stop writing letters to the editor, never stop talking to people and telling them the truth. Help to make our country into something better.

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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009) Donate to DU

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