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Reply #26: Living if fear is worse that injecting yourself with blood flood a deiseased rat [View All]

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Grinchie Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed May-13-09 02:47 AM
Response to Reply #2
26. Living if fear is worse that injecting yourself with blood flood a deiseased rat
Seriously, when one realizes that Doctors really don't have any more control over your health than you do, via your mental and physical perception of health, you can seriously take control about your own health. You will tend to protect it more, by researching what you eat, the toxic products you use in your home, and in general by learning about all the toxic shit that Corporate America dumps on us every day, which we buy willingly, despite the hidden and unknown fact that it is poisoning us.

Truly, what is the purpose of "Lemon Scent" Clorox Bleach? You can't use it to disinfect water for drinking, because it contains some grat smelling chemicals that mask of the CHlorine smell. I don't need to smell lemons when I'm using a caustic compuond such as chlorine.... Call me old fashioned, but I prefer my poisons to smell really bad.

Or what about the long term effect of eating GMO Corn that is laced with BT Toxin? The USDA seems to think we don't care to know if or when we eat this crap, so it has infiltrated it's way into 80% of the food we eat.

I live without health insurance too, but I have total confidence that my health is at about as much risk as getting sick as someone with health insurance, except that I don't expose myself to inordinate amounts of toxic compounds, Eat organic foods with the money I say, and generally enjoy life more because I have more energy, and lots more disposable money because the leeches at the Insurance compny get nothing from me. I take davantage of the most suppressed yet effective health products known to man -- Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide, and they halp keep my body energized and free of pathogens and dead and dying cells.

I think Universal Health care is the only way to go., But I have long givien up on mainstream Medicine because it has been compromised for over 70 year. We are just now hearing about the miracles of Royal Rife, Wilhelm Reich, and all of the questions they revealed through their research, which was quashed in much the same way as Fleischman and Pon and their Discovery of Cold Fusion/Electolyisis Fusion.

Health care in America is a sham, make work operation. Prevention is much more important that treating the disease, because if you get to the point where organs are failing, parsites have nestled in you leiver, or you body's cellular community has decided to give up and go it alone in the for of cancer because you've piussed it off, then it's too late. The doctors know this, and they are just feeding on what little wealth you have reamining.

Wake up and take control of your health. You don't need a Doctor to keep you healthy, you only need a Doctor to tell you that you are sick, and then treat you with whatever seems appropriate for the day. He won't heal you. You will heal you, and you don't need him to tell you to heal if you avoid getting to the place that got you ill in the first place.

Now don't admonish me with Broken bones, infections and other disease that are not part of the degeneration due to physical contraction, because they are things that need to be taken care of, but we can avoid the broken bones and accidents if we take more care and slow down. So what if it take 3 days to do something, as long as you can do it safely when you finally try?

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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009) Donate to DU

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