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Reply #168: I don't think he was trying to hide that his was his message at all [View All]

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Political Heretic Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Mar-19-09 11:36 AM
Response to Reply #164
168. I don't think he was trying to hide that his was his message at all

Your "noone said he was above criticism, so stop criticizing him" OP certainly reflec ts an attitude in my mind, that suggests that if we're not all waving pom poms as far of a fan club for our leader that we are doing something wrong.

Now, maybe that's not the same as thinking someone is the "messiah." I'll concede a statement like that is over the top. But exaggerated or no,we all know what people who say that mean.... when they say some people treat him like he's the messiah, they mean that some people see him as above criticism, and are personally offended when others take issue with something said, done or not done by him.

Posts like this OP only reinforce the independent observations of others that there is certainly a group of people who fawn over the president as some kind of a personality rather than doing their jobs as part of the citizenry to hold leader's feet to the fire and demand more social justice action that they are giving.

Speaking of hoodwinky fancy window dressing Frenchie, I think we all know what message is clearly their in your posts. My great mistake was being naive enough to think that your attitude during the campaign, which I found to be appropriate when facing the option of voting for McCain or not voting, would make the transition into a responsible, adult, fair mindedness and criticality that - out of RESPECT for the office of a person that you (and I) like and admire - actively challenges areas were not enough is done, pushes and lobbies for more, and criticizes areas of inaction, or deference as part of a committment to always, always, always be pushing our leaders forward.

There are enough forces at work on any President - even a brilliant and personally good one - to cause them to stagnate or get distracted without the critical vigilance of the people. Many things Obama has done are already wonderful and I'm so happy for them. There are some things that are too early to to address. And then there are other thing Obama has done that have simply sucked. They would suck if he was two years into his term, or two days into it - so the "its only 60 days" cry is old and meaningless.

If I spend slightly more time focusing on the things that suck, or the things that need done than I do the things that got done and done well its only because I strongly believe that THIS IS MY JOB and this is YOUR job - it is the job of all of is not to sit around in a big circle jerk getting off on how much we "like" the president, but rather coming together with a MISSION to DRIVE this administration as far forward as it will possibly go!

I thought you knew that back in the campaign season.... I'm sad that I was wrong.
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009) Donate to DU

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