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Everyone wants to know WHY we're all bickering here. [View All]

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Lyric Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-19-08 04:56 PM
Original message
Everyone wants to know WHY we're all bickering here.
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Our government doesn't listen to us, we KNOW it, and that frustration leaks out here. We all know perfectly well that we can fire off as many angry e-mails and letters as we wish, and it won't make a bit of difference. Nobody LISTENS. At least not until we have something they want--namely, our votes.

Well that cow has already been milked. The campaign donations are given, and the prize is won. Now it's back to the old routine of the government ignoring what's best for US in order to pursue what's best for consolidating its own power. Rah-fucking-rah, go team.

We rant HERE, because at least HERE, people listen. Sometimes they're rude and obnoxious in reply, but at least they listen. I'd rather have some asshole tell me to "Settle the fuck down and grow up" than to have yet another oh-so-polite and coldly vague form letter from a distant leader who has NO idea of what me and people like me want and need, and doesn't particularly CARE to know, either.

And who can blame Obama for this? It's certainly not of HIS making. For all we know, he'd prefer to govern in a way that keeps him close to the pulse of the people. But that is not the way that the system is set up. Within the system we have, I am nothing more to Obama than a single added digit on an occasional poll. Neither are any of you.

It sucks to feel impotent, to feel helpless, to feel like the people who make the rules of the game aren't paying attention to the voices of the players. So we come here, we rant and rage and shake our fists, and we feel a little better for it. Isn't that what DU started as? A place where marginalized progressives could come and take solace in each others' company under the worst Presidency in history?

So please--stop trying to silence the raging debate. It's upsetting--absolutely. But it's needed. Without a place to vent and rage, where would any of us be?

In the meantime, I have a holiday wish that I'd like to share. I'm not wishing for instant gay rights, or for perfect gender equality right this minute, or economic justice with the snap of a finger. I wish for a government that LISTENS to us--and more often than just around election time. A government that really, truly cares. A government that doesn't back down from the fights that are WORTH fighting, no matter the political cost. A government that does not shy away from treating people like PEOPLE, and not like numbers. A government that is not afraid to take a stand for the sake of easing human suffering--whether the topic is civil rights, social justice, economic policy, or military policy.

Even more importantly, I selfishly wish that everyone here at DU was 100% supportive of gay rights, and stood firm behind the gay community as we struggle to call out insensitive and hurtful choices that are made in regard to our freedom, our equality, and our dignity. That goes for ALL civil rights issues--race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, even religion. I selfishly wish that I did not have to defend my right to feel pain when someone I admire sticks a dart into my heart, like Obama did with Warren.

So--let's argue. Let's debate. But in the end, let's be a family that LISTENS to each other. Maybe not always respectfully, but always with a feeling of solidarity. I know who's on MY team. Some of them are assholes, but they're still on my team, and I (asshole that I can be) am also on theirs. When push comes to shove, I know whose back I'm going to have.

Because that's what family IS.
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