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Reply #71: Yeah, ok. "Great" is not a word I find in my vocabulary for the RMS. [View All]

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Captiosus Donating Member (711 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Nov-07-08 02:33 AM
Response to Reply #63
71. Yeah, ok. "Great" is not a word I find in my vocabulary for the RMS.
Edited on Fri Nov-07-08 02:34 AM by Captiosus
She's great if you like someone who constantly looks at the world like the sky is falling and has two fucking national media venues to spout pessimistic bullshit. She wraps the pessimism in snark, sarcasm and condescension. Three things which turn viewers off.

As Awsi Dooger said above, for someone with a Ph.D. in Political Science, she sure doesn't show her educational pedigree. KO has been far more analytical regarding political issues than she has been on her show. Her show is NOT entertaining, has RARELY talked about issues at any length except when she's in one of her "Talk Me Down" segments where she goes into fear-mongering mode, has an unentertaining midway point (Ms. Information) and a very sophomoric ending.

I gave her several chances, but her piss poor treatment of Howard Dean just before the election was the final straw and I haven't watched her since. She takes the time to point out that Republicans don't come on her show and who can blame them? With the way she treats fellow Democrats, it's only a matter of time before they ALSO decline to appear on her show.

I'm not drinking the "Everyone should support her because she's a liberal" because I could say the same fucking thing about Sean Hannity in conservative circles: "Everyone should support Hannity because he's conservative." The big difference is, they actually do all support him because he's a conservative. See how well that's worked out for them? Is that what you want? A liberal version of Hannity to be made fun of by everyone at CNN and Fox just as CNN and MSNBC make fun of Hannity? Because that's what you're close to getting.

Funny, isn't it, how every time Wolf Blitzer or Lou Dobbs or David Gregory or Tweety ran a piece on the "Bradley Effect" these forums were lit up like a fuckin' Christmas tree with complaints about it but when Rachel ran four straight days of fear-mongering about the "Bradley Effect" those of us who made the same complaints were told to STFU simply because it was Rachel.

Great is not a word I find in my vocabulary to describe the Rachel Maddow Show.
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009) Donate to DU

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