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Reply #80: In Britain the Democrats Look Frightened [View All]

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purgingtheliars Donating Member (4 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Aug-31-08 12:10 PM
Response to Reply #23
80. In Britain the Democrats Look Frightened
I find it really amazing how much wider her nose is in that photo, almost as if it was 'tampered' with.

I MUST say this, or the democrats are going to look like right wallies....

I am a Mum of a baby that was diagnosed with Down Syndrome after she was born. She was MUCH smaller than my previous pregnancy and as is often the case, she arrived 4-5 weeks early (often in the cases of DS).

The other photos on another thread showed a photo of Sarah 15 weeks prior to giving birth to Trig and she is MUCH larger than I EVER got in my pregnancy. I was always asked (even in A&E by a doctor) if I was certain I was really pregnant. This is bog standard for a DS pregnancy.

Also, people have posted photos of the family from 2006 to compare to another photo they are so sure the daughter looks pregnant. Well, look at the one that is 'verified' as from 2006 to show Piper's age difference. The girl who you all are so certain is pregnant in the other photo is actually LARGER in the one from 2006. She is just built that way.

Also, having a belly button like that is NOT a sign of pregnancy lol as the 'nurse who works with paediatricians' said. I have FOUR sister in laws that ALL had that exact belly button as they were growing up. In fact, two of them have now had children and during their pregnancies their belly buttons SHRANK.

And, saying that the husband looks so Caucasian and the baby looks more Inuit (not sure of spelling) is so ridiculous! My husband's sister is much darker skinned than any of the rest of the 9 of them. They have a great grandmother that is Jewish and she has her colouring. She also looks like her when she was the same age. Don't you people know anything about genetics and families?

I'm British(and yes, the moderators can do a search on my ISP so you can confirm I'm British) so I really don't care who wins the election but please, from across the pond you all look like you are so frightened she may help McCain win it is pathetic!

As for the length of time for mono, we don't call it that here but honestly, even if she was out of school for an extended time there is no way that the Mum could fake that she gave birth and no doctor is going to put their career on the line for something like that. Honestly, find something better to spread so you don't look so 'grasping at hairs'.

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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009) Donate to DU

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