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Reply #48: The "policy shop" was ready and waiting with answers on drilling offshore. [View All]

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madfloridian Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Aug-02-08 07:35 PM
Response to Original message
48. The "policy shop" was ready and waiting with answers on drilling offshore.
Harold Ford said they would be the the policy shop of the 08 nominee.

Looks like he was right.

Our Energy Future: Moving past the drill or not-drill debate

Meaning let's not have that debate. Let's find the third way, they say, which means compromising with extremists again. Rather than explain to the people who are not being informed...just compromise again.

John McCain has taken to distorting Barack Obama's energy plan by calling the Democratic nominee "Dr. No" on proposals to tap new sources of energy. Meanwhile, some environmentalists have begun calling President Bush "Dr. Evil" for lifting the long-standing executive ban on offshore drilling his father put in place nearly two decades ago. Favoring conservation instead, they fear that drilling will lead to spills and that extraction will kill whales and damage other marine life. (Guess will kill them)

The standoff -- so typical of the gridlock that plagues Washington -- runs counter to what most Americans want out of the nation's capital: a real solution to the nagging question of how to ensure that we have enough energy to keep the economy growing without destroying the environment -- while breaking our dependence on foreign oil.

The truth is that any comprehensive energy independence plan demands that we embrace the best ideas offered by those pushing for conservation, and combine them with an environmentally conscious strategy to build more capacity.

Conservation lost in this bill put forth by 5 Democrats who adhere to this group's policies.

Environmentalists should take credit -- and some solace -- in the fact that environmental regulations have toughened considerably since the 1970s, ensuring that new drilling and exploration no longer pose the same threat they once did. But proponents of new drilling should realize that there are still serious risks for the environment, and that new leases should be granted on a case-by-case basis, with states getting a say and a share of the revenues. Just in case those newfangled drilling methods aren't as environmentally friendly as companies claim, some of the savings from ending breaks to oil companies could go to a drilling equivalent of Superfund, a government program to clean up contaminated land.

We can't drill our way to energy independence, but neither can we hope that conservation is a panacea. On the question of building a comprehensive energy independence plan, both sides needs to take the nation's larger interest into consideration, and find a third way.

The revenue sharing is going to sell it. The environmental damage according to this article will happen, so we form a superfund to take care of it.

Only 50 miles offshore in areas where hurricanes dominate.

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