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Reply #366: Get a grip, I live in Dallas and the officer's death was an ACCIDENT, completely on tape and [View All]

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tmoore411 Donating Member (46 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri May-23-08 08:55 PM
Response to Reply #143
366. Get a grip, I live in Dallas and the officer's death was an ACCIDENT, completely on tape and
verified. You people are OFF THE CHARTS crazy if you think Hillary Clinton was advocating or channeling an assassination attempt, I mean it, BAT SHIT CRAZY. Will probably get TS'd, but at this point, what's the point, the loons have taken over the moral center of the Dem party. What happens if the video of Michelle Obama is real ?? What happens when people find out about the REAL association with Ayers and the "educational reparation" education plan that Obama's educational adviser is advocating. NO ONE GETS THE NOMINATION UNTIL A FLOOR VOTE AT THE DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION, PERIOD END OF STORY. NO ONE CAN FORCE A CANDIDATE TO QUIT, END OF STORY. You can email Dean, Pelosi, the FBI, the Secret Service, the CIA, every Super Delegate and all your family and friends, but they, or you, can't make Clinton quit. If Obama gets blown out of the water, or worse, Rezko rolls over on him and he gets indicted, then what happens, we just remove his name from the ballot and .... oh wait, I forgot, he already did that to himself in Michigan. That is the MO of both his campaign, and his followers, quit the races you can't win and then claim racism while touting other races with high AA voters as the "will of the people". Incidentally, I found an interesting factoid today, Obama gained 13 more delegates than Clinton in Idaho where he won a caucus by 13,000 votes (in a RED STATE) while Clinton only gained 10 more delegates in Pennsylvania where she mopped the floor with his ass by 200,000 votes. SO DON'T GIVE ME THE DELEGATES COUNT MORE BULLSHIT, you lost that right when you got indignant about Gore having won the popular vote (got gamed in Florida, but just like all the SD's and elected Dems jumping on the bandwagon, quit cause it was just easier and better for the county, how'd that turn out?)

Your guy will fold like a cheap tent, if I needed anymore proof of that, this manufactured outrage over a trivial statement - FOLLOWED CLOSELY BY AN APOLOGY ONCE IT WAS DETERMINED THAT IT WAS ANOTHER POINT OF "RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION" seals the deal. Good luck electing this puff ball with the coalition that couldn't elect McGovern, Mondale, Gore or Kerry. If you run around with losers, you are a loser. Remember that during the November hang-over when you are futilely trying to convince everyone that your "charismatic candidate for change" got his ass beat down because of Hillary, when in fact, Obama need look only in the mirror for the reasons he will lose.

Peace out Obama Underground, I have enjoyed my lurking/occasionally posting in the few years previous to this one, but, Y'all have gone WAY off the deep end and I don't see the party recovering from the "lurch to the left" anymore than I see the Republicans recovering from the "lurch to the right". You would do well to remember that a majority of America is in the middle, so when the middle repudiates both parties, you can all go play with your pony and wonder how you fucked this up so badly.

TS'd with pride and dignity :nuke:
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009) Donate to DU

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