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Meltdown into Madness [View All]

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NanceGreggs Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun May-11-08 09:30 PM
Original message
Meltdown into Madness
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Edited on Sun May-11-08 09:55 PM by NanceGreggs
There has been much discussion at DU over the past few months about how posters have gone crazy as a result of their dedication to one candidate or the other.

I dont think were quite there yet, but I have compiled a list of things to watch for whereby we will all know that true insanity has set in

kpete will post only articles from supermarket tabloids (e.g. PROOF Obama Is a Martian, Hillary Divorced Bill Years Ago Present Husband is a Look-Alike, and will argue with anyone on her thread as to the veracity of her post.

Top Ten Conservative Idiots will drop off the Most Viewed list, and will eventually be abandoned due to outcries of unfairness towards John McCain.

As a result of the above, EarlG will be tombstoned.

WillPitt will out himself as a troll who has been on the Republican payroll for years.

H2O Man will start posting absolute gibberish that no one can understand.

Skinner will declare himself as a third party candidate for the presidency, and will run a DU Donation Drive in order to raise money for his campaign.

ALL present Clinton and Obama supporters will switch sides, and spend the next six months vehemently arguing that they never really supported the other candidate. Links to everyones previous statements will clog the internetz tubes.

CaliforniaPeggy will be kicked-off the website as a result of her consistent nastiness towards her fellow posters. (She will later re-emerge as PalCeg, which will fool no one.)

MadFloridian will admit that shes never even been to Florida, no less lived there, and every post shes made about activities in that state were completely fabricated.

Due to the foul language and personal threats contained in every post about politics, only threads posted in the Cooking & Baking Group will be considered for publication on the Greatest Page.

The Lounge will be completely free of copycat threads.

GD-P, whether classified as Primaries or Politics, will cease to exist, having been replaced with an "I HATE everyone who doesnt support ________" forum.

The Home Page will be completely empty, because no one has anything to say about anything, to anybody, ever again. So there.

The Mods will start responding to arguments by immediately TSing any poster who hits the Alert button.

Hundreds of individual Ignored lists will contain ignored posters in numbers that actually surpass the number of registered DUers.

Several emoticons (e.g. :eyes: :puke: :crazy: :wtf: :boring: :spank: :grr:) will no longer be visible when posted, due to having faded from over-use.

Dozens of DUers will attempt to 'gaslight' others by changing their sig-line to Sig lines temporarily turned off due to high volume.

Due to technical difficulties, the entire DU Website will go down for three days and people will continue trying to post on the Server Not Found page.

The Reply button will be replaced with an Oh, yeah, F&*k YOU!!! button.

Like I said, were not quite there yet.
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009) Donate to DU

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