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Vote4Change Donating Member (59 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu May-08-08 09:36 AM
Response to Original message
176. Maybe not . . .
. . . at least for as long as you feel the need to promote Senator Obama solely because he's black. Why on earth do you even feel the need to make such a statement?

I strongly support Senator Barack Obama for President.
I don't give a rat's ass that you consider him black.
His father was BLACK (to you).
His mother was WHITE (to you).
I guess that makes Senator Obama BLACK (to you).

Senator Barack Obama, his father and his mother (as well as you and I) are all HUMAN (to me).

I strongly support Senator Barack Obama for President...

...because he hopes to lead this nation to the point where stupid, racist labels like BLACK or WHITE have no purpose in our lives.

...because he is the most qualified candidate in 2008 (or in my lifetime, for that matter) to lead this once-great nation out of the depths that 8 straight years of authoritarian, neocon rule has created and back into the position of world leadership and respect that we once enjoyed.

...because he represents a true change in perspective and cooperation in this nation in the vital area of us ALL living together as a united people with common goals, needs and aspirations.

...because he crafted his candidacy to run not as the candidate of the BLACKS, but as the candidate of the PEOPLE.

...because I believe has had the best judgment and insight of the candidates to deal with the varied problems that face America and the world.

...because I truly don't believe that Senator Obama sees the task ahead of him as one of dealing with BLACK and WHITE issues but, rather, as a task of dealing with AMERICAN issues.

OK ... I'll admit that there is still a lot of racism in this country and it's about damned time to deal with it. And I believe that Senator Obama has already dealt with it ... unfortunately far too often, and as a direct result of the racist element in our society ... and dealt with it quite well, presidentially if I might call it that.

But enough with the taunting accusation that America (WHITE America, I presume) will never embrace a black person. It is, of itself, a divisive claim. And I firmly believe that the election this coming November will prove your assertion false.

And I say all of this, not as a WHITE man offended by yet another insertion of race into this campaign, but as a HUMAN (with freckles ... who sunburns easily) offended by yet another insertion of race into this campaign! Enough already! Let's elect the man and get on with improving our world.
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009) Donate to DU

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