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Great List !!!- Hill Of Particulars, Or... PLEASE TELL ME WHY YOU SUPPORT HILLARY? - OpEdNews [View All]

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WillyT Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Apr-12-08 09:10 PM
Original message
Great List !!!- Hill Of Particulars, Or... PLEASE TELL ME WHY YOU SUPPORT HILLARY? - OpEdNews
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Edited on Sat Apr-12-08 10:08 PM by WillyT

I am the typical Clinton demographic - 56, low-middle income, liberal, feminist and I desperately need reasons with details or background on why you support Senator Clinton.

When George W was re-elected, I asked myself "how did this happen AGAIN? Who could support this man and why?" Is the majority really that ignorant and disengaged? I feel the same about Hillary Clinton. Despite supporting the Clintons throughout Whitewater, Paula Jones, Travelgate, salacious Monica fiasco, impeachment, theft of White House items upon vacating, far too much drama: I lost all respect for them. Particularly for her in staying with a man who had cheated their entire married life, lied to our country whether his dalliance was personal or public business, for what...loyalty, love, partnership or personal ambition?

Even though I wish to see a woman in the White House, after researching and reading for years in anticipation of the possibility, I can find no single reason to vote for Hillary.

As for her support of women and children, why hasn't she returned the $170,000 campaign donation from a disbarred lawyer whose firm has been in a lawsuit since 2001 for sexual harassment of 103 women? Or the ongoing Peter Paul donor 2001 NY Senatorial election fraud suit wherein she evaded process servers in February while campaigning? Why did she defend the rapist of a 12 year old saying "she was a slut and asked for it?"

Can you give me any reasons to overlook her connection to fund raiser Norman Hsu on trial for fraud, illegal campaign funding, or for not questioning why Bill has funds hidden in the Cayman Islands, continued partnership with Ron Burkle, his past speaking engagements lobbying for Dubai in addition to his $300M uranium dealings? How about the Hillraisers-lobbyists with interests in China, Taiwan, Ethiopia, Armenia, Mexico, and Dubai. With $109M income over 6 years, why did their $10M (9.3% of income) mainly go to the Clinton Foundation and why will they not release those papers?

With so much power and money, why is the Cliton campaign in financial arrears to scores of venues who have filed claims to collect? Explain to me how taking the most money from insurance companies, corporations, and lobbyists assures me she's going to change Washington politics? Where is the transparency? How can she provide insurance for all when she can't pay premiums for her staff for 2 months? Under her proposed healthcare plan, SHE would have been prosecuted or had her wages garnished.

Now she says she didn't support the war before Obama, why then did she vote for it after not even reading the NIE? And again for possible action in Iran?

Why did she intentionally lie about sniper fire in Bosnia repeatedly with her husband not even relaying the truth or bringing peace to Northern Ireland insulting both countries?

If she's so experienced on foreign policy, why did she not know Pakistan's Prime Minister was elected 2 months prior to Bhuto's assassination when interviewed TWICE? Perhaps becasue six years of Hillary's experience lies in being a corporate attorney, another 8 being the First lady, corporate interest representation of Monsanto and Tyson, what DOES she really have to PROUDLY show for those 35 years? Seriously.

As for job stimulation and the economy, when running for Senate, NY constituents were promised 200,000 new jobs, they lost 50,000. Why won't she release 07 tax returns, Clinton Library documents? What about 26 earmarks, still not released, to the tune of $148M? Why did she vote against cluster bombs in civilian areas if she cares for women and children so much? Why did she propagate Nafta-gate assault on Obama pre-Ohio when truth be told, it was her surrogate telling Canada to 'take it (her stance) with a grain of salt'? What about Mark Penn, 'recently resigned' yet still in the shadows campaign strategist i.e. LOBBYIST, making deals with Columbia after also profiting from Exelon nuclear group and his friendship with McCain's top adviser within the same lobbying bureaucracy? Despite her and Bill being so close and talking about everything, how did she not know he supports the Columbia trade deal too? IS this a marriage or a sham?

Why can she not be honest and run a clean campaign? Why when all candidates agreed to abide by DNC ruling on MI and FL did SHE leave her name on the ballot, choosing to flip-flop when things went downhill? Rules are rules in my book. Why would she denigrate her opponent, promote the adversary, Senator McCain, yet allude to Obama being her VP choice a week later? Contradictions, hypocrisy, vitriolic personna, slander, divisiveness, negativity, SPIN. Why is her negative rating 37% despite Rush Limbaugh advising crossover voting for her in order to increase defeat for the Democratic Party? How can I support someone who said "this is the fun part" when confronted about untruthful, unnecessary, childish 'mud', not my kind of woman, I'm a humanist. Wonder how many in her campaign were fired or have left in shame.

Why does she consistently misspeak, mishear, misstate?

The only time I did not vote between the lesser of two evils was for Bill Clinton mostly due to my decades long career in healthcare, experiencing rising premiums, government intervention, not enough patient care yet more personal expense. Her first plan was a bust due to non-transparency and her coalition with the healthcare industry. She has no clue what it's like to be middle class or in true poverty. My own premiums with a $10,000 deductible cost 1/3 of yearly income; I'm employed by a specialty physician who fortunately (for now) bears the brunt of that cost which results in no salary increase despite inflation. Her universal healthcare plan will NOT be viable, particularly when people who cannot afford it now will be penalized financially if they do not obtain it.

Now, one last question, could someone out there, ANYONE, please tell me why with facts to support their stance, confidence and pride in Hilary? As a delegate to the National Convention in August, I honestly need reasons to support her if need be. Other than for the purpose of defeating John McCain, what are they?



Maybe we should start putting together our own bill of particulars, and e-mail the snot out of them to Pennsylvania!!!


God, please let the backlash finish off the Clintons!


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