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Reply #186: NO.... I'm not a campaign staffer, no a candidate... [View All]

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TLM Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Apr-05-08 05:15 PM
Response to Original message
186. NO.... I'm not a campaign staffer, no a candidate...
Edited on Sat Apr-05-08 05:34 PM by TLM

I'm an american and I'm not going to hide my opinion or sugar coat my criticisms because the last few remaining diehard hillary supporters don't like it.

1... stop spinning any attack on Hillary as a sexist attack. Calling her shrill isn't sexist, it is an opinion that her speaking voice is grating and annoying to many, especially when she gets a little angry or frustrated. The fact she has a vagina doesn't make any criticism of her somehow sexist or off limits.

2... her behavior is part of who she is as a person. If she repeatedly says and does despicable things, how then is it out of line to say she is despicable?

3... it is over. She lost on super tuesday. Her campaign is alive in the same sense that Terri Schiavo was still alive. The truth may not be fun for the diehard supporters to hear, but that's no reason to lie to them. Even though they apparently like being lied to.

4... after calling Obama supporters cult members, I find it rather hypocritical for the Hillary supporters to complain that it is out of line for them to be called robots. Granted the Obama folks who do that are simply sinking to their level, but that's to be expected. I'd say if you can't take the heat stay out of the kitchen, but someone will probably accuse me of making a sexist attack.

5... only a moron assumes that an offensive poster speaks for anybody but themselves. I'm not here to police anybody, on either side.

6... really this was the only point needed... and you could shorten it to, if you don't like a post or poster, ignore. Simple really, and no policing of opinions necessary.

7... I'll treat clintion supporters as i would treat anyone... based on their words, actions, and behavior. I'll not treat someone with kid gloves because they threaten to vote for McCain. If they'd rather vote for McCain than Obama because they are sore losers... FUCK THEM!

8... I'm not Obama and I'm not here to make people love me or to get myself elected.

9... no, I'm not going to hide my opinions or sugar coat criticisms as if i were a staffer. I will say what I think and if you or hillary supporters do not like it, that's tough... feel free to put me on ignore.

10... This is just silly. We're not going to lose because we fail to bite our tongues or hold back criticisms in the primary.
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009) Donate to DU

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