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Wells Donating Member (672 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Apr-15-04 07:33 PM
Original message
Advertisements [?]
Rush Limbaugh's Website gives viewers the most awful headlines,
in machine order chaos, the worst for their loyal to read; if any EVER read the stupid-ass headline barrage!
Look for obscenity implication using Capitalization. Interesting?
"Rush's Kerry Stack of Stuff", is the worst, but all site's
News Headlines are stacked this way.
The purpose? trick loyal conservative families into supporting Far Right secret war engagement plans; then performed by other incompetents seeking profit and tax breaks. This is a foul group of players, friends. These people MUST and WILL be removed from power.

George Bush! The rest of YOUR PEOPLE, YOU do not deserve, in any way, another 4 years to maybe, um,
NOT SCREW THINGS UP. Flippant Failures, lying or deceiving, take your pick!

You're Gone. No more political ambitions from your group, either in office or behind closed doors.
Your economics are abominable.

Don't worry, we are mostly forgiving, we liberals and moderates.
We understand incompetance. Do something less complicated.
Bush White House Leadership and crew this time MUST be fired.

YOU'RE fired. Good bye. Ho Hum.

Democrats will work out a proper 'transfer of power' agreement.
The new administration (not your picks mostly) will surely be better qualified to take matters into your God's Hands for you; since you are suspiciously complicit in so many wrongful matters, yet remain indifferent to Majority citizenry reasonable demand. There are many Christians here outside who dispute Apocalypse predictions as False Prophets.

When we consider 'Peoples' as 'Cultures', a bit more than 1/3 have gone extinct already, along with 1/3 the legged, finned, winged and vegetative creatures, also extinct. Thus: The Antichrist has already stepped in to prevent further degradation according to scripture.

This is a debateable asertion because further, more severe holocaust-type destruction would exceed the roughly 1/3 limit of the prediction of extinction.

I'm going to believe the man Antichrist is Not an individual, but an existing, old or newely conceived organization of men and women who somehow, perhaps spiritually are hired to put the pieces of the 19th Century (experiments in WMDs) back together as predicted.

I see many machines, mostly the common rolling-metal ones, having THEIR numbers reduced MORE than 1/3; Not increased AT ALL. Hydrogen Car Tech LOSES to Hybrid-drive in all, basic considerations. GM is stealing subsidy money to build Hydrogen Cars THEY KNOW are vastly inferior to Hybrid-drives.
GM nor Ford are even 2nd Generation Hybrid; which have bigger battery packs as vehicle weight componentry.
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009) Donate to DU

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