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Olberman is DEAD to me now! [View All]

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bvar22 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Mar-08-08 12:33 PM
Original message
Olberman is DEAD to me now!
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I used to really respect Keith, and watched his show regularly.
He was intelligent and entertaining. He provided a anti-establishment perspective I could not find anywhere else on TV.
But over the last couple of months, his TRUE self has been revealed....

Olberman is a sexist Hillary Hater.
He kept his Hillary Hatred and Sexism hidden for years just so he could attack Hillary!!!!
He keeps going ON and ON about the mathematical impossibility of Hillary winning the nomination (like anyone cares about MATH), and says Hillary is just hurting the Democratic Party by attacking the inevitable nominee.

Richard Wolf and Dana Millbank?.....ALL sexist Hillary Haters!!!
I used to think they were smart, but now it is clear that they are just stupid sexists!
Just because Hillary got a little confused about NAFTA is NO REASON to criticize her or laugh about her!

I now REFUSE to watch Countdown and am writing the bosses at MSNBC demanding that it taken OFF the AIR.

Also DEAD to me NOW:

*Randi Rhodes...DEAD to me NOW.
I used to like her outspoken, irreverent commentary and the way she handled Freepers.
She used to be a REAL Democrat and helped the Democratic Party always....but she too has turned into a sexist Hillary Hater. Just because Obama WILL go to the convention with the MAJORITY of pledged delegates, she thinks it is OK to criticize Hillary for supporting the Republican candidate!!!!

Ed Schultz....DEAD to me now.
I used to really like Ed Schultz. He was a moderate, "Centrist" Democrat who seemed to be about pulling the Party together.....but he is really just a sexist NeoCon operative who was planted years ago so that he could stop Hillary from getting the Presidency she deserves!

Rachael Maddow....DEAD to me now.
It was really disappointing to find out that Rachael was really just another sexist Hillary Hater. She seemed so intelligent and strong willed..... You would think that Rachael would support the First Woman President...but NO... her obvious anti-Hillary sexist bigotry has floated to the top. She was really clever and initially showed a phony pro-Hillary bias. She's another one who keeps insisting on doing the Math!

Thom DEAD to me now.
I cannot listen to someone who spews vile sexist Hillary Hatred. He thinks HISTORY and FACTS matter, and that it is NOT a good thing to endorse the Republican nominee!
STFU Thom Hartmann!

Stephanie dead to me now!
ANOTHER turncoat female who obviously has "ISSUES".
The PROOF that she has issues is that she has criticized Hillary for hurting the Democratic Party and cannot see the blinding TRUTH that DEAN is a MONSTER and should change the rules so that Hillary can have the delegates that SHE IS ENTITLED TO!
NO MORE Stephanie Miller for ME!

Some Democrats I used to really like have exposed themselves to be Right Wing sexist Republican Operatives. I NO LONGER have ANY respect for:

*Ted Kennedy

*John Kerry :puke:

*Russ Feingold (bigoted Hillary Hater)

*Tom Daschle

*Dennis Kucinich

I WILL listen ONLY to Rush Limbaugh!
Rush Limbaugh has showed that he is open minded.
I used to think that Rush was a sexist and a bigot, but I NOW see that I was wrong.
He had Bill Clinton <swoon> on his show to campaign for Hillary last week. Rush has also been telling everyone to Vote for Hillary in the Primaries.
I NOW like Rush Limbaugh, and will be listening to his show daily to get the REAL truth!

Hillary has also said that FOX News is good, and is willing to appear on Fox News, so they must be OK too.

Go Hillary!!!!

Hillary CAN still WIN
if nobody counts the delegates!

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