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Nick Lento Donating Member (3 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Mar-06-08 11:52 PM
Response to Reply #41
80. Made Up? Etc...
Let's see; the Clinton people tried to suck the Obama people into making demonstrably false accusations by setting up a situation in which the net result is that hundreds of thousands of people see Barack Obama as more negroid than he actually is.

The "rationale" would be to make borderline racists (which is lots and lots and lots of Americans) feel uncomfortable with him; if only on some kind of unconscious level......and then be able to claim that the outraged Obama supporters were being paranoid when something like "Fact Check" revealed that it could have just been an artifact of the technical ramifications of video being rejiggered in different sites/venues/formats.

Are the Clinton dirty tricks people that clever? That insidious? I wouldn't put it past em; but I don't know. This could just be some horrific "coincidence" that ends up playing to the Clinton strategy of reminding "whites" that Obama is "black" (which is all so damn dumb because nobody is white or black anyway!)

It is telling that at the youtube Clinton site this afternoon the view count was 130K with only SIX comments; and the vid was rated with only two stars!!! That means a lot of negative comments were never allowed on the site and that most of the viewers who commented gave it a low rating......on the other hand; we'll never know how many of that 130K were subliminally influenced in a negative way.

I suppose that the Bill Clinton SC Jesse Jackson crack can also be interpreted as just an off the cuff wiseass remark or as a calculated attempt to remind people that Obama is black.

IMHO The American people had accepted Obama as just another American; race really was never an "issue" until Clinton's remarks and the way the press played it all to the now when this situation comes up with the video, we're all primed to believe, or at least suspect, the worst.

AT this point I'm leaning 60 40 that it was done in a way that would be intentionally ambiguous and that that Clinton campaign and the McCain campaign have become political bedmates, at least until they have dispatched Obama....they have made common cause.........and anything that reminds people of race is "good" for them.

I hope Obama keeps his cool and doesn't get down into the muck with these rats; but that he finds a way to go negative on the negativity thereby exposing the ugliness for all to see.

So far, not one of the issues/charges that McHillary have raised against Obama have amounted to anything substantive......but I do give McHillary credit for "changing" the psychological dynamics in a negative way.

Sadly, the politics of personal destruction is alive and well.

<b>I pray Obama beats the odds and hands kicks the establishment in the ass as he wins the nomination and the presidency; and that Hillary is primaried out of office next time out. She's another Lieberman at this point.</b> (And, yes, I would still vote for her over McCain if she steals the nomination.)
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009) Donate to DU

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