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Is RealClearPolitics a Right Wing Website? [View All]

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FlyingSquirrel Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Dec-21-07 11:37 AM
Original message
Poll question: Is RealClearPolitics a Right Wing Website?
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I had already made up my own mind, but some people challenged my opinion about it so I took another look. Here are a few things I noticed today:

They have something called an "Opinion BuzzTracker" dead center of the site... it links to Fox News.
Reader Articles: Most recent articles with 10 or more votes:

More Damning Presidential Records Hidden by the Clintons, 19 votes
The Low Wattage of the Liberal Mindset, 17 votes
Huckabee's High Wire Act, 25 votes
Hillary Does the Entire Talk Show Gamut in an Attempt to Save Her Failing Candidacy, 21 votes
Surprise for Romney, GOP Rep. Steve King Endorses Thompson, 17 votes
All I Want For Christmas is Fred Thompson, 14 votes
Sen. Lieberman to Endorse McCain, 15 votes
Is There a War On Christmas, 10 votes
Bubba Misfires, Hillary Does a Flyover, Obama Gloats, 14 votes
Fred Thompson Apologizes to Mike Huckabee, 10 votes

You get the idea. I see absolutely no articles with 10 or more votes saying anything positive about any Progressive candidate (Obama Gloats is not exactly positive), in fact nothing about any of the other Dem candidates at all.

Also, Most Read in the last 7 days:

Does Gore Know What He's Talking About
Clinton's Difficulties Deeper Than Strategy
Plan B for Pelosi and Reid

Last 24 hours:

GOP: McCain Surges to Within 7;
A George Will article;
a Krauthammer article; and
"Why did Clinton Overlook Obama?"

Now click on "U.S." right now. You'll notice pictures of Tancredo, Giuliani (twice), Schwarzenegger, Bush (twice). One of Obama with Oprah under "Time's top 50 lists". One of Gore entitled "Thus Far I Have Failed."

I'm sorry, but the overall impression I get is NOT that of an unbiased, even playing field site and therefore any information including polling information that is put out on the site is SUSPECT in my opinion. I feel that this site is a wolf in sheep's clothing, a Right Wing site trying to pretend that it is "Fair and Balanced" and thus sway people who may be on the fence.

But I've been wrong before. So what's your opinion?

Sorry, polls are turned off at Level 3.

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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009) Donate to DU

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