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Reply #55: You have your JE quotes and I have mine......some appear to contradict each other - WHY [View All]

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madmunchie Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Oct-30-07 10:56 PM
Response to Reply #44
55. You have your JE quotes and I have mine......some appear to contradict each other - WHY
is that?

Why did he vote for the Patriot Act?

Why did he co sponsor and vote for the IWR?
The problem is, five of the nine Democratic Senate Intelligence committee members at the time -- including then-chair Bob Graham -- voted against the Iraq war resolution. Edwards hasn't said what the super-top-secret evidence that convinced him -- but didn't convince the majority of the Democrats on the committee -- was. Which is kind of odd, because it appears to have been just as wrong as Bush's intelligence.

Why did he vote for Bankruptcy Bill?

Why did he Co sponsor massive increase in H-1b Visas?

And his work on the Poverty Issue:

During the 2004 elections, as The Guardian article reminds, John Edwards raised poverty to a presidential-level conversation for the first time in forty years. And even then, he had to mute his passion and words once he became the vice-presidential candidate. So it's heartening that Edwards, in these last months, has retrieved his focus and passion and launched a campaign to "eradicate poverty in America." (For more, check out Bob Moser's fine Nation profile) He's created a think tank at the University of North Carolina, The Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity," designed to tackle the nation's deep and abiding economic and racial inequities, and taken his antipoverty crusade to more than thirty states.

"Edwards isn't alone. There are movements which continue to work hard, with too little support or attention; there are also less prominent political figures. But what we need is a critical mass of elected representatives, at all levels. Make this issue a campaign. Don't just talk the talk, but really work to fulfill the oft-proclaimed promise of America as a land of opportunity for all. Begin by fighting tooth and nail to increase the minimum wage. Shame on those who refuse to pass it. And then let's support the successful living wage movement, and the anti-poverty movements and coalitions working in our communities and nation-wide. "

"Edwards, a former Democratic senator from North Carolina, launched the center in 2005 at the Washington (D.C.) address of his PAC. The nonprofit raised $1.3 million in 2005, the only year for which data are available, and spent some of it on a national speaking tour for Edwards. It also spent $259,000 on consultants. The campaign declines to disclose the donors or consultants. The center is now defunct, and some of its key leaders are now aiding the Edwards campaign. ... "

Most of what you have said is what JE has said, little on what he is actually done that cannot be questioned. He made disasterous votes in the Senate, He only was in the Senate for 6 years, during which part of that time - as a freshman Senator - he ran for POTUS. So, not only does he not have much experience in Political Government, but in the 1 office and 1 term that he did serve, he ended up doing more self serving than serving the people who elected him.

I look at actions and credentials and expertise - What JE says means little to me if I cannot establish a history of ACTIONS that support his words. I learned a long time ago from Reagan that an actor can be pretty persuasive, that, however does NOT qualify him to be POTUS.

It totally amazes me how people will just "take somebody's word" on something as obviously flawed as political promises made during a campaign and those people will support that person in the most powerful position in the world....How little we expect from our leaders... - No, how little you expect from your leaders. At least the other candidates have 10 years or more of public life and service to study.
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