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Reply #167: Thanks for being cool about it, jenmito [View All]

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Bongo Prophet Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Aug-12-07 10:11 PM
Response to Reply #148
167. Thanks for being cool about it, jenmito
Though not intended as a serious point, word choices and multi-definition do matter, I agree. I am glad that it is a common phrase to use, and a quote is available. That is it used by officials in the region is especially good. Anybody laughs at the phrase in the future I can let them know it is common usage.

Even though I did laugh when Barack said "between x and y" that was not because I really think he believes in a mythical place between countries, nor do I believe he is unable to use a map (reinforcing the "inexperience" meme). It just sounded funny, in the context of another dimensional space between borders. Like Narnia or something (but for terrorists)... :)... Just wordplay and a bit of whimsy. "If there was a region between Canada and Washington, I would like to move there! (assuming decent land prices and easy immigration)" is WAY different than a derisive "Haha, Obama can't read a map!" --- just so you know that the former is where my humor was coming from. ;)

Maybe the only serious thing regarding the term would be to discuss whether that is the best phrasing, as compared with "the region between" (not much better at avoiding the double entendre) or "spanning" as I said before. As you know, it is common to work and test phrases/terms during a campaign in politics, business, whatever. No disrespect to Obama for that. Whichever candidate will have to deal with the slime throwers in the general, I want them untainted with the silly stuff, like this phrase could turn out to be if used by the Rovians, similar to flip-flop or haircuts and all that. Because of that, I probably shouldn't have posted it at all. There have been a few other people, online and off, that have noticed the term, and always with gentle humor that in no way detracted from what he said. They did notice, but are friendly dems, so no problem.

Our candidates can stand on their issues, no problem. The tiny inconsequential "character defining" crap seems to be way more influential than it should be, and it works by short-circuiting the ability of people to take a candidate seriously. (Think "invented the internet") That is also a serious worry when I see Barack getting double-teamed in the Union forum. Or anyone else in the future -serious debate, but don't say things you'll regret later. Tweety eats that kind of stuff.

I cringed a bit when Hillary said "I'm your girl" for obvious reasons (feminist thang) but she pulled it off with a great smile and the crowd seemed to love it, and no big backlash that I have heard.
GOP has NOTHING on issues, so they will have to fight dirty, their favorite level of play. (I don't think they can play any other way, they have lost that ability for a long time)

All of this is minor compared to the reality that we face, of course. The corporate media will play the game they play, Rovians will do what they do, and we will have to stick together in solidarity to have a chance.
Respect to you also, Jenmito. You have been a good advocate without insulting those you are debating. That is a big plus in this environment, and I appreciate it... :hi:
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009) Donate to DU

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