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Beware of the fake anti-war campaigners [View All]

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welshTerrier2 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Aug-07-07 10:36 AM
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Beware of the fake anti-war campaigners
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Oh, all Democrats are "against the war" now. Yeah, right. With only a few exceptions, most of the Democratic candidates for president have either voted for the IWR or have voted to provide funding for the war. Now, they tell us, they've joined the anti-war side of the argument. The problem is, the positions of the recently converted are bullshit. You are not "anti-war" if you support continuing the war and occupation for any amount of time and for any purpose beyond troop safety.

Speaking just for myself, I was prepared to overlook the past sins of IWR votes and war and occupation funding IF, and only IF, there was a sincere push to end the war NOW. Not in 6 months. Not in a year. Not "when I take office." Just NOW!! And don't try to hide behind the "it will take a long time to withdraw all those troops." I've seen reasonable estimates that this should not take more than 3 to 4 months to safely achieve. And the point isn't how long it will take; the point is that none of our johnny-come-lately candidates is calling for the most rapid withdrawal of troops that troop safety will allow. If the military needs an extra month or two, that's fine. I'm all for troop safety. What I'm not for is the lying, weaselly, wiggly words being paraded around as "anti-war."

Here's the bottom line: you either believe that progress is still possible or you don't. You either believe that "slower" is better than "faster" or you don't. You either believe that "starting" withdrawal is better than "finishing" withdrawal or you don't. You either believe that withdrawing "many" troops is better than withdrawing "ALL" troops or you don't. You either believe the US and Big Oil have a right to Iraqi oil or you don't.

So, if your candidate wants support from the REAL ANTI-WAR WING of the party, put up or shut up!!! Please take each of the issues raised in the previous paragraph and provide documentation that shows where your candidate stands. Bet you most of DU's hardcore candidate supporters don't answer that challenge. At best, we'll be treated to ad hominem attacks. Those who are complicit in continuing the war and occupation do not deserve your support or the support of the Democratic Party.

source: /

The Real Debate About Iraq Is Between Real, Fake War Foes

The real debate about Iraq is just beginning to take shape. Its not about whether U.S. troops should begin to leave Iraq. A vast majority of Americans now agree on that point. Even at the White House, insiders say, theyve accepted it as inevitable. The real debate is between genuine opponents of the war, who really want to end our involvement in Iraq, and fake opponents who use antiwar language to mask their endorsement of a continuing, perhaps permanent, U.S. presence in that war-torn land.

Genuine opponents of the war argue that the U.S. cannot restore order in Iraq, because it is the U.S. occupation forces (civilian as well as military) that are the main source of disorder. You cant put out a fire by heaping more fuel on it. Iraq will remain war-torn until all U.S. military personnel, civilian contractors, and private security forces leave. So they should leave. All of them. ASAP. Genuine antiwar voices have been making these points for a long time. For most of that time, they were derided or ignored.

Now that the war is so unpopular, everyone with their finger to the political wind is rushing to catch the antiwar train before it leaves the station. Suddenly that train is very crowded. Genuine war opponents have a hard time getting their voices heard, since many of the newcomers have much more political clout and media savvy.

But the genuine faction now has something new to say, which you wont hear for a while in the mainstream media: Far too many of the newcomers are fakes. They shout loudly that they want the war to end now. But they choose their words very carefully. They talk about withdrawing troops but are careful never to say all troops. They endorse withdrawing combat troops (a technical term that covers less than half of all U.S. forces in Iraq) or just starting to withdraw troops. They oppose establishing permanent bases, but they dont say anything against keeping the bases (some of them small cities) that have already been built. And they would let the Pentagon decide which bases are officially permanent. They never mention the ever-increasing air war, nor the civilian forces.

Behind that smokescreen, the fakes are busy building support for the next phase of the war. In that phase, tens of thousands (perhaps up to a hundred thousand) U.S. troops would stay in Iraq. What would they do? There is an emerging bipartisan consensus among the fakes. Some troops would be redeployed to the north, to protect our friends the Kurds, and others redeployed to Afghanistan. Some would stay to defend Iraqs borders, which conveniently happen to be the borders of Iran and Syria too. Some would wage the war on terrorism inside Iraq. Some would train (read: help to lead) the Iraqi governments fledgling army. The top three Democratic candidates for president, among others, espouse all these plans.

How can they call this ending the war? The premise is that most Americans dont really care how many Iraqis are killed, as long as few American soldiers are killed. So the public would assume the war is over, stop paying attention, and allow U.S. forces to continue their long-range plan for securing a permanent and decisive presence in Iraq. Those forces (including an increased proportion of Air Force and Special Forces) could do anything the government wants them to do, since no one would be watching. Meanwhile, the thousands of civilian security personnel could continue to do whatever they like and be wholly unaccountable. <skip>
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