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Reply #67: Obama is the one implying he has superior judgment [View All]

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draft_mario_cuomo Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jun-27-07 03:46 PM
Response to Reply #65
67. Obama is the one implying he has superior judgment
Edited on Wed Jun-27-07 03:48 PM by draft_mario_cuomo
He should be held to the standard he is running on. He keeps running into the problem of holding himself up as superior to the rest, which helps politically, but then falling short of the mythical standards he sets for himself.

There was no law requiring Democrats to support Holy Joe. Edwards, for instance, did not. I doubt Kucinich did either.

A haircut hardly is as important as corruption worth, apparently, nearly $1 million. Also, supposedly, Obama was doing legal work for Rezko while his state senate constituents were freezing without heating in Rezko-owned buildings. That is as bad as a haircut?

==while constantly trying to paint Obama as pro-war==

He is. He has said he will continue military operations in Iraq for an unspecified length of time with an unspecified number of troops. He has the same position HRC has. HRC is just more open about it. There is no need to paste his own words here (i.e. his own website, his own bill, and his recent article in Foreign Affairs). I am sure you have seen them several times.

I don't support Edwards because of his position on the war. Pointing out Obama's own position on the war is vital. People need to know what he actually thinks about the war if he is not going to be honest about his actual position during debates.

==McCain is a perfect example of why judgment often trumps experience. I think we might actually agree on that point.==

Sure. Like I said, Obama can make a legitimate case on judgment, although Obama supporters, many of whom who worship daily at the altar of the 2002 IWR, fail to recognize that good judgment is not conferred simply because of being correct on one issue. If Obama runs on judgment you can be sure people will point to his lapses in judgment. Many BO supporters seem to think the IWR is all that counts for judgment, that Pat Buchanan has better judgment than John Kerry. The public does not think this way and Obama would pay a price if he started to run on judgment, although he still may wind up with a net gain. The bottom line is the judgment issue is not as simple and clear-cut as Obama supporters like to think.

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