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Reply #7: Tell nasties: admit it, you rock [View All]

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Response to Reply #2
7. Tell nasties: admit it, you rock
I am not an antishemite and I haven't even read the book. Yet claiming descent from Sem Shem Shemp (however you say it) as a point of pride seems strange because it is truly Curly's story. Moe, Larry and Curly were the original Trinity until Curly's sad, untimely end. Oh Woe the age of the Anti-Curly led to wailing and gnashing of teeth every time the so-called Curly Joe appeared on the screen. Shem was only the Saviour in the sense he saved us from the anti-Curly. No way was Shem as cool as Moe.
I am not an antihamite--- why I never heard of such a thing. Ham was Noah's son and no one hate Ham do dey?
This book I never read is chock full of names including Gomer but please don't tell. Religious minded folk applied the name of Gomer to a tribe of Europeans I do not wish to embarass. Except for Bill Donovan, the shoot from the hip Catholic spokesman. Did you know Chuck Conners sighted a rifle with his pants?
Only God Himself can know the truth of how the nations of man came into being. God and Mormons and British Israelites and any other ahole with an opinion.
Those who love the smell of napalm in the morning should not talk of Holocaust denial. Shoah is the word: use it.
Speaking of Holocaust did you hear the latest on Elie Wiesel? A bust got hung on a guy in a New Jersey psych lockup because Wiesel didn't know you don't go with a strange man in San Francisco to his room just cuz he wants to talk in private. Wiesel gave out a holler when the man slipped an arm around him before running away. I only wish nasties would turn tail and leave you alone when hollered at. The CHARGES the New Jersey guy faces are numerous and serious but what do you care about someone slurred with a psycho label and previously incarcerated for same?
There were once a comic strip called "Skippy" the most beloved in the land. You don't care the military-industrial complex locked the cartoonist up as a psycho. Nor do you care about Woody Guthrie. Wiesel has a Nobel and even moreso an Oprah endorsement. Look up the name of Moniz and realize the lobotomy was previously called leucotomy and proved the Nobel genius of the icepick-wielder from Fascist Portugal with respect to the poor sap whose brains got scrambled. Leucotomy translates from Greek as white operation but you can call it a blackops.
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009) Donate to DU

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