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Reply #30: Google Bombing Project: Progress Update [View All]

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sarahlee Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Oct-25-06 08:24 PM
Response to Original message
30. Google Bombing Project: Progress Update

Google search results:

And from Chris:

However, in the meantime, there are a few things we can do help make certain that is has more of an effect.

The first thing you can do was just diaried by blogswarm: add the GoogleBomb source code to the template of your blog. Blogswarm explains:

Now that you have followed Chris Bowers and joined the effort to by adding the source code to google bomb the election to your blog our website, spend another few minutes and let your blogging software multiply the effect by adding the code to your blog template.

Here's why. Each time you post a link, you are telling google that you are voting for that link to be relevant to the text you used for the link when people search for that term. When you wrote a post using the code, your blog automatically created at least one archive page. This means that google will see two our three different pages on your blog where you are voting for the our articles to be relevant for each Republican in question.

But here is how to kick it up a notch: add the links to your blog's template. That will result in every single page from your blog having a vote for our target results to be most relevant. If you have been blogging two posts a day for a year, this simple step will multiply the effect of the post you did by more than 500 times. With a strong team approach with many of us doing this, you can see how easy it is for the effect to-date to be tens of thousands of times as effective as the effort to date.

The process of adding the list to your template is the same process you use to edit your blog roll, which should be enough for most people to understand the process. If you need more help, keep reading.

Blogswarm has directions on how you can add the GoogleBomb Source Code to your blog template. If you have a blog, please take this action. It will exponentially increase the effectiveness of this campaign.

Now, not everyone has a blog. In that case, there are other actions you can take. The first one is to monitor wikipedia for changes to some or all of the entries we are including in the GoogleBomb (Rick Renzi, John Doolittle, Richard Pombo, Joe Negron, Randy Kuhl, and Charles Taylor). I am NOT asking you to make changes to wikipedia yourself--I would much, much rather than you did not do that. Instead, I am simply asking you to monitor, and report on, mass changes that are being made on the entries we are bombing to moderators. This is because at least one right-wing activist has already tried to substantially change all of the entries we are linking to. I do not want to get into a wiki war over these entries. I just want them to remain the same as they were when we chose them. Be ready to report any mass changes to moderators, and be ready to vote down any proposed changes. If, at that point, simply monitoring wiki does not work, go ahead and try to change the entries back to the way they were at first. Please, please, please--do not make new changes. Whatever you do, do not engage in a full-scale wiki war, mass wiki changes, or wiki graffiti. We are not looking to manipulate wikipedia. We just want to monitor it and prevent right-wing changes on our desired targets.

Finally, a few tips on conducting search engine optimization for candidates not on our list. First, choose an article with the name of the Congressman you want to target in the headline of the article. Second, don't use any extraneous words in the hyperlink--only use the name of the Congressman you are targeting (for good or ill). Third, embed that code into the template of your blog. Fourth, contact all local bloggers in the district and / or state, and ask them to do the same. The can be done, and should be done, outside the boundaries of this single campaign. And make sure you keep using the same link whenever you talk about that person on your blog, in the comments, or anywhere else. Search engine optimization takes patience and diligence in order to succeed.

Again, thanks for your continued support to, and participation in this campaign. I will be adding some Google Adwords to this project, but I will not be releasing any details on how and when. I don't want to tip off right-wingers. Please indulge my desire to keep that one part of the campaign quiet.

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