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A Few Reasons Why the GOP Hates America [View All]

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vixengrl Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Oct-07-06 06:41 AM
Original message
A Few Reasons Why the GOP Hates America
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(This Post is inspired By NanceGreggs, and I put my answer in that thread, and here as a separate post.)

Why do they hate the troops?

Deary, it isn't hate but disregard--they are, after all, but pawns, players, bodies to count and feed and arms-carriers to reload. They look so different on paper. They are sheer numbers. We hate to lose by the numbers, but this is what the numbers are there for.

Why do they hate the Constitution?

The Constitution is representative of a revolution in human thinking about government; it audaciously dares to propose that a government may be of, by and for the people--granted, but which people? It grants freedoms inappropriate and unthinkable to the rule of the wise and powerful and wealthy over their betters. It's a boring thought experiment by bleeding heart altruists.

Why do they hate our Democracy?

Democracy is nothing less than rule by the many--the people, and people naturally are base and barbarian. They care for little but to eat and screw their pitiful lives away, instead of working for their rightful masters--how dare they think they have a say in the world and how it should be run?

Why do they hate our country's natural beauty?

If by natural beauty, you mean our nation's many material resources, we hate it not at all--we'd do anything to exploit it, because of what it represents--sweet, sweet money. As for why we do what we do to it, you need look no further than the bible--it say (I paraphrase the Bible by way of Ann Coulter) "take it, rape it, it's yours." Meaning, ours. The deserving rich.

Why do you hate our children?

Why should anyone love your children? They are devourers of plenty that could otherwise be hoarded for the deserving rich. They are useless eaters, not yet able to work for their plenty. They are ignorant, and better off so, so that they can't fight back.

Why do you hate our freedoms?

Why do you think you should have them? They are inconvenient to your leaders, who know best. They spread knowledge you need not have, and provoke ideas you should not entertain. This can lead to revolution--and although this nation was formed by revolution--it does not need to continue in its so-called noble legacy of "freedom", "liberty", or whatever other egalitarian nonsense rings in plebian ears.

Why do you hate hard-working citizens?

Don't you know what kind of overhead you "citizens" represent? With your insistence on such things as vacations and sick time and health care, and a limited work week--you are all pathetic, human, replaceable. You cost a fortune that again, is better in the pockets of the deserving rich.

Why do you hate our unity?

You obviously, as peasants, have not read Machiavelli or Sun Tsu. Pity. But all who know the music of the 1960's knows "United we stand, divided we fall." Unified, you might be powerful enough to break the chains of ignorance and oppression--divided by so many things, racism, the so-called "culture war" and other distractions, you are weak enough to be easily managed.

Why do you hate your countrymen?

You obviously don't savvy the difference between countrymen and class men. We are quite loyal to those of our class, but truly--what can our countrymen do for us? Whatever they can do, they shall do by coercion, for if they knew the ends they did it for, they would never volunteer (speaking otherwise killed Kennedy--or perhaps I say too much?)

Why do we hate our national security?

A successful national security leaves a complacent populace, and while complacency is nice, it can in rare instances bolster the confidence of the brave, and create effective opposition to what we represent. Therefore, a faulty national security means insecurity--fear, the big stick to beat the masses into their corrals. The only thing you have to fear is fear itself--the thing we have to fear is--fearlessness. An actual act of courage is an astounding thing--which must be dissected to better understand and combat--like cancer.

Why do we hate our countries' allies?

The thing is: are there such things as allies? In truth, there are but two conditions to which another nation might aspire--a vassal state--like Britain, our former empire, which now does our bidding, and potential conquests--nations we will subdue until they do our bidding. This is what empire means, what it is. We make our history, our present, our future, our paradigm. Other nations may agree-or be squashed.

Why do we hate our country's moral values?

Moral values are an excellent incentive to good behavior, amongst the sheeple, but for the Supermen, they are a hindrance. They represent the conditioning of a slave morality (sklav-moral), nothing more. To those who would do well, abandon your provincial ethics, and embrace the creed of a master--support the GOP! Long live the Empire!

(I in no way endorse this bitter Q&A except as my own feeble attempt to grasp what goes on in the Authoritarian mind. I can be disregarded as an Anthropologist of sorts, trying to describe some other pack of primates. I may be off, but in my worst fears about humankind--these are the answers I forsee.)

(Disclaimer to my disclaimer--I'm pretty much not usually this "dark".)
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