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Reply #1: An Open Letter to Rep. Tom Tancredo from Lazlo Toth [View All]

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joemurphy Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Aug-25-06 06:28 PM
Response to Original message
1. An Open Letter to Rep. Tom Tancredo from Lazlo Toth
Edited on Fri Aug-25-06 06:37 PM by joemurphy
November 4, 2005

The Hon. Thomas Tancredo
1130 Longworth House Office Bldg.
Washington, D.C. 20515-0606

Re: No Citizenship for U.S. Children of Illegal Aliens!

Dear Rep. Tancredo

This is the first time Ive ever written you, but I see you a lot on C-Span and on The Lou Dobbs show on CNN. Ive always been one of your biggest fans. (By the way, you really look sharp in that blazer you always wear! Great haircut too!). Also, whenever I see one of your statements in my local paper I always make a point of clipping it out and showing it to my wife, Elzbeta Toth. She likes you a lot too.

Actually, Elzbeta and I both thought that we wouldnt see much more of you on C-Span after you became President of Colorado Term Limits, Inc. and swore a solemn oath to limit yourself to only three terms in the House of Representatives. We were sure glad when you changed your mind about it and ran for your fourth term back in 2004. We need more patriotic Republicans like you in Congress! Its only thanks to guys like you that this country isnt totally overrun by Mexicans!

One of the things Elzbeta and I like most about you is how you always seem to notice things that others dont. And I dont just mean Mexicans. For example, you were the only one that I know of in Congress that noticed that the National Park Service had put up a memorial to the 9-11 victims of Flight 93 in Pennsylvania that was shaped in the form of a Crescent. Nobody but you was sharp enough to pick up on the fact that the Park Service was also going to use the word Crescent in the name it was going to give to the Memorial. You were right to point out that Crescents are big-time Islamic symbols and that the Park Service, by calling the Flight 93 Memorial Crescent a Crescent, was really honoring the Islamic hijackers that stole the plane and not the victims! Those traitors! Elzbeta and I were really glad when you made the Park Service drop the word Crescent from the name of the Flight 93 Memorial. That was great work! But theres another Crescent we wanted to tell you about that I think you missed. Besides being called The Big Easy, the city of New Orleans is also nicknamed "The Crescent City". As long as youre getting rid of Crescents, we were thinking maybe you could do something about that one and make New Orleans less Islamic too!

My wife and I also backed you completely when you fearlessly took on the Denver Public Library after you caught it trying to buy library books written in Spanish. Nobody else but you had the courage to confront a big institution like that! But you were right! The only ones that would be reading Spanish books would be illegal Mexicans that dont speak English. Buying library books in Spanish only encourages more illegal Mexican immigration! What a waste of money! We were glad when you stood in the Librarys way and blocked that steamroller from going through! Also, because it was such an important matter, Elzbeta and I didnt mind when you called what the Public Library was doing cultural Balkanization. See, Elzbeta and I are originally from Hungary (which, if you look at a map of Europe, you will see is kind of in the Balkans). I guess Elzbeta and I are sort of Balkanized too. Ha! Ha! Anyway, we knew you didnt mean any offense so we let it go.

Elzbeta and I were also right there with you when you said in your interview on that Florida radio show that if Osama Bin Laden blew up a dirty bomb in a U.S. city, then we ought to drop a nuclear weapon on Mecca and Medina and all those other Arab holy places. I know it made a lot of people angry, but thats just good foreign policy thinking in my book. Did you discuss that with Dick Cheney and Condoleezza Rice before making your statement? Ha! Ha! Ill bet you did! Anyway, Im glad you stuck to your guns and refused to give an apology when those Muslims you offended all over the world were demanding one. Never compromise on matters of moral principle! Hang in there, Big Fella! Dont give an inch to those Towelheads!

And dont think Elzbeta and I havent noticed your Presidential ambitions! Youve certainly got our votes if you manage to get that Republican nomination. By the way, I looked on your website and noticed that you are presently ranked 9th among Republican candidates for 2008 just behind Mike Huckabee and Hailey Barbour. Like I told Elzbeta, 9th is pretty good when you consider that youre running against charismatic heavyweights like them. Keep on fighting! Pretty soon youll storm past Huckabee and Barbour and be challenging the likes of Santorum and Gingrich!

But I better get on to the reason for this letter. Elzbeta and I are both long-time Republican voters. We agree with you 100% that something should be done about all these Mexican immigrants that keep coming here and taking away jobs from U.S. citizens. Your idea -- building a big wall clear across the whole Mexican border -- makes a ton of sense to us. Even if it might cost the $8 Billion that people say it will itd still be worth it just to keep those Latinos on the other side! But its your other idea the one about taking U.S. citizenship away from U.S.- born children of illegal immigrants thats got Elzbeta and I a little nervous. We were wondering if you might consider writing in an exception for U.S. born children of illegal Hungarians.

See, my wife, Elzbeta Toth, was born here in the U.S. but her parents, Ferenc and Matilda Esterhazy were both illegal immigrants at the time of her birth. They both came here in 1956 after the Hungarian Uprising by sneaking across the U.S. border from Canada. (Hey, maybe we ought to wall off that border too!). Anyway, Matilda was later given asylum and she eventually became a U.S. citizen. However, Ferenc never bothered with the paperwork. Both of them were still illegal when Elzbeta was born to them in Pottstown, Pennsylvania in 1959. Unfortunately, in the mid-1960s Ferenc developed a really bad hemorrhoid problem and was deported after he was caught shoplifting anal suppositories from a drug store here in Indianapolis. Because Ferenc never got his papers, that makes Elzbeta the U.S.-citizen daughter of illegal Hungarian immigrants someone that could get deported if you get your Constitutional Amendment passed. Thats got both Elzbeta and me wondering if your proposal to strip children of illegal immigrant parents of citizenship applies not just to Mexicans, but also to Hungarians. If Hungarians are included that might be bad news for Elzbeta.

Elzbeta and I have been married for over 30 years. Id really hate to see her stripped of her U.S. citizenship and deported after all these years. Thats why Ive written you. Were both hoping that there might be some kind of exception for children of illegal Hungarians in your proposal. Ordinarily, Im not one to ask for favors, but youve always seemed like a fair person in your appearances on Lou Dobbs show. I figured that a reasonable man like you would recognize the need for a special exception for Hungarians like Elzbeta.

I also read somewhere that during the Vietnam War you didnt have to serve in the army because you were mentally ill, prone to anxiety attacks, and were using mind-affecting drugs. When I read that it gave me hope that you would be sympathetic to Elzbetas plight. Since you were the beneficiary of that special exception for mentally ill people yourself back in the 1960s, I was thinking that you might be able to make a special exception for Elzbeta in your Constitutional Amendment. So, how about it? Elzbeta and I would be really grateful if you did!

By the way, Elzbeta and I are both glad that you are no longer mentally disturbed and have stopped using mind-altering drugs. We both think you look really good now. To look at you now, its hard to believe that you once had problems like that.

Well, I know youre a busy man, and I guess youre still a long way from getting that Constitutional Amendment to strip Mexican babies of U.S. citizenship passed. But I still wanted to give you an early heads up on Elzbetas special problem so that you could keep her in mind when drafting the wording of your Amendment.

So, keep on repelling those Mexicans! Get that wall built! Deport all their U.S.-born babies! Elzbeta and I are pulling for you!

Your friend,

Lazlo Toth

Voting for Republicans (both unindicted and indicted) since 1952!
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