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alvarezadams Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Aug-04-06 12:32 PM
Response to Reply #102
108. Sheesh
Precisely your modus operandi. Pot, kettle, black.

"Hardly, without the mechanisms to intimidate and harrass his opponents, the red-baiting tactics of McCarthy would not have worked, he would have been challenged on his views much earlier, and the nightmare of McCarthyism would not have happened."

THAT is sophistry, pure and simple. McCarthy HAD no mechanism outside the HUAC - he relied on demagoguery, smear and fear. Something not too distant from the DLC, I might add, painting "libs" as "out of touch extremists" and calling on a "move towards a non-existent center" in order to dismiss the traditional base of the DNC. The nightmare of McCarthy only existed because the RW saw fit, and not for the first time, to capitalize on a "red scare", bunching anything progressive with putative communism.

"I see your argument, I don't see compelling evidence that it is true. "

The inarguable funding links, the inarguable comments by DLC representatives themselves... you don't WANT to see.

"I see the RW attempting radical change (in American terms), I don't see a whole lot of success yet, (Social Security, Estate Tax etc). And I also see the American people turning away from these solutions which I believe will become evident in the November elections."

Christ! Don't you remember the Reagan years? Don't you remember the demise of the fairness doctrine, the Prop 13 baloney and an endless list of anti-New Deal legislation, not to mention rhetoric that has become platitudinous? Haven't you seen the DNC follow the lead of the DLC to the right? Haven't you seen Dubya re-elected? WAKE UP!!! And watch the GOP lose only a seat or two in the next elections.

"They have received money from them yes, along with many others...and I wish they wouldn't, but to imply this shows a level of control by the DLC among those affiliated with it is an assertion without evidence...and indeed I have shown instances to the contrary."

Control? I don't imply control, I STATE similar objectives.

"Even here as you point out there are internal mechanisms within Political Parties. Certainly members are given wide leeway, but in the U.S. there are many ways the Political Party exerts its power over members...committee assignments, favorable rules on legislation, money for campaigning, support of party members during reelection etc...the DLC has none of these..."

That is simply inane.

"Hillary Clinton is a perfect example. Read the threads on this board calling her a "Vichy Democrat", a "Zell-o-CRat", "Neocon," "Corporate Whore" and on and on and on. These are all based on perception...not fact."

That is simply naive. Perception is all in politics and politicians live and die on the basis of it. Hillary COULD clear this up in a heartbeat, calling the DLC for what it is, but she doesn't. Either she doesn't want to or she is so utterly out of touch that she doesn't even realize it.

"They are based largely on three things."

The fact that you ignore the war in Iraq shows your colours. You're transparent.

"In fact Hillary Clinton is at the progressive end of our Party, and always has been."


"Her ratings from corporate friendly organizations is almost universally poor, and her ratings from those that would be most injured by policies that you ascribe to the DLC, are very high."

Gawd. That isn't disingenuous, it's just NAIVE.

"You are not demonstrating any kind of credible link between the goals of these RW DLC backers, and the actions of the majority of DLC members."

While you're showing all the signs of cognitive dissonance.
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