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1 Year Ago Today -- History Made WITH NO NEWS REPORTING -- Vote this up! [View All]

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FULL_METAL_HAT Donating Member (673 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-06-06 11:50 PM
Original message
1 Year Ago Today -- History Made WITH NO NEWS REPORTING -- Vote this up!
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Well my fellow DUers, it was a year ago today that I think was one of the high water marks for DU in its entire history.

Do you recall what it was?

You probably don't. And you're a DUer!

Even sadder is that most of our fellow 300 million citizens have even less of a clue...

You see, last year on January 6th, a little something happened in Congress for the very first time. Never before, since the rules were set up back in 1877 for the electoral college system, had the votes from a state been questioned. Not only that, in terms of "he-said-she-said" news, the statements in that special joint session of Congress were more numerous and more intense than ever before or ever since -- and yet the news barely brought it up -- thanks for nothing media!

It was the pivotal point in the absconding of the 2004 election (yes I said absconding, look it up, it means 'to leave quickly and secretly and hide oneself, often to avoid arrest or prosecution').

Truth be told, our system was set up with actual checks and balances, and despite the erosion over the years, their echoes still exist in the actual rules defined by the constitution:
Not anticipating the development of a two-party system, the Framers believed that electors would cast votes for a large range of candidates from various states and that nearly every election would go to the House of Representatives for a final decision.
The bottom line up front is the rules we play by, the Constitution, with the clarity of a ringing bell, laid out that the Congress is the ultimate arbiter of the administrative branch, in fact Congress is even above the Judicial branch. All power flows down through Congress, and specifically, the House of Representatives was designed to hire and fire the administration.

It doesn't take a political scientist to tell you that those original intentions have been thrown upside down and done a few back flips. In 2006, a scant 230 years since we started calling ourselves United, we find ourselves with a virtual one-party system.

After all the fervor and fever of the 2004 election impossibilities, everyone here on DU knows deep in their heart that no matter what, there IS a chance 2006 and 2008 will go down with our collective thumbs up there, shaking our collective heads saying "but I thought we had that covered..." (Didn't Kerry have 20 THOUSAND lawyers at the ready??!)

This anniversary remembrance is here to help us celebrate the voice that poured out through us, through DU, through the country ultimately. A voice revolted by knowledge of deep corruptions and even deeper cover ups. A voice ultimately muffled by a media overtaken by its own infestation. A year later we have more than enough proof of the complicity of the press, and the very act of not reporting the events of January 6th can now quite readily be seen as the proof that there was guilt to be hidden, that there were crimes being covered up. The only event that has the actual power of choosing the president and the administration was relegated lines like "Two members of congress raised a question..." when every journalist knew there were four of the most HEATED hours of debate EVER in Congress. Shame on them all.

To refresh your memory let me illustrate a short timeline:

---> November 2 2004 -- First there was an election day in which all signs pointed towards No More Years for the Republican Administration -- All signs -- and then everything came down, and I mean EVERYTHING, the governance of 300 million people, came down to results of just one state, where 5,627,545 votes came down to a difference of only 118,599 ... a total of 118,599 out of 121,068,715 total citizens decided the election -- it was like 1000 people were brought together to decide the election, and only ONE person actually got to vote! One person... one king... no surprise huh?
---> The rest of November saw the flowing of a thick mucous called the "Political Capital" of a "Mandate". While most of the country marched on oblivious, DU was a hotbed of outrage and investigation. Perhaps even for the first time in history thousands and thousands of people were able to learn and share their learning about the workings and malfunctions of government in real time as it happened.
---> December's blogosphere went where no MSM but KO would go, casting our gaze on a unending stream of irregularities and the efforts to prove the count was fair it self. Most Americans surely don't even know there was multiple statewide recount efforts, nor would they know the blatant fetters put upon them by even more blatantly corrupt state officials. Some days got down right comical.
---> <invisible event on January 6> haha
---> It wasn't even three months after the election that the cracks started to become sublime: remember that just 20 days after today's anniversary was the press conference where "Mandate" suddenly became "Man Date"!! The blogs were buzzing and it seemed like Level 1 one here would never end!

Now it's a year later. If not for people standing up that day, across the internet and across the Congress, surely the fear and bullying would see us today living in a world where Delay and Abramoff would be dining with the president.

If you can, remember how you felt that day, how it was to see the door close on the hopes of real democratic action in government. The day of the Boxer Rebellion. The day the constitution enshrined to protect the election. It's worth remembering.

It'd be great to see some pictures and hear stories people can remember about their online and RL experiences that day, so please reply and dredge up that crazy day where CSPAN let us hear those croaking words, "For what purpose does the gentlewoman from Ohio rise?" DU and the rest of the blogosphere brought to the surface every emotion imaginable that day. Hope, Joy, Disbelief, Despair. What did you go through? Anger? Anger was one a lot of people felt, and still feel.

1770 saw the British massacre Boston, which lead five years later to a little political action you might still remember from history class.

"Make no mistake" was in fact not a funny catch phrase, it was a direct command from the chief to every one of his hired hands to make sure they could commit their acts devious or criminal and not be caught.

They KNEW January 6 would have been the only day their mistakes might have mattered, but their hard work and diligent efforts ended up stealing the show. Literally. Thanks again go to the media, shame on them. The proof is in the pudding, and in a in a way that no one can deny, pudding is what the media should be called that day.

The future depends on the past to not forget. Add your vote and your voice so the future can remember that there are moments in history that can change the course of events, and next time DONT LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN!
January 6, 2001 failed.
January 6, 2005 failed.
What about 2009, 2013, 2017, 2021, 2025, or 2029? May our small part of vigilance help if needed on some January 6 in the near or distant future.

The price of "America's Liberty" should be "America's Eternal Vigilance"

Eternal vigilance is the price of libertypower is ever stealing from the many to the few. The hand entrusted with power becomes the necessary enemy of the people. Only by continual oversight can the democrat in office be prevented from hardening into a despot: only by unintermitted Agitation can a people be kept sufficiently awake to principle not to let liberty be smothered in material prosperity(want more liberty quotes to inspire you?

And finally let me say there's no way I would remember any of this myself if it were not for one person, here on DU, who's incredible efforts forced me to see all of the truth in a way I couldn't deny -- no matter how much I'd prefer to have given up on politics altogether swearing it all off as foolish as tilting a windmills. The numbers didn't lie. They were true every different way they came up. Proof after statistical proof piled on, cutting the wiggle room of denial further and further and further. Until, like some ancient disbeliever doing the math that proved the Sun actually DIDNT revolve around the Earth, forcing the loss of their religion, it forced me to lose the very last grip of my religion -- the sad naivet of not noticing a political coup.

Truth Is All -- You have my everlasting thanks and my eternal hope that the efforts of everyone end up bringing our country, our place in the world!, back into line with the now-so-lofty aspirations it was supposedly founded upon.

Heck, maybe even one day we'll see the wheels revolve to where our ancestors would be pleased.

The spell had been broken. Bush would not ascend to his second term in office without at least some measure of irregularity questioning the legitimacy of the process. The emperor's new clothes would receive some public exposure, if only for a brief moment. But, that moment may become a reference point in history that will mark the beginning of the second American Revolution. Report on Washington DC, January 6, 2005

Today is a real Patriot's Day.

Still a year on, steeled against all, {B^) FULL_METAL_HAT
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