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Bill Bored Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Oct-30-05 03:37 PM
Response to Original message
2. And then there was this:
Edited on Sun Oct-30-05 03:39 PM by Bill Bored
< >
A polling place that served two adjoining precincts counted hundreds of votes for fringe presidential candidates Nov. 2, apparently because poll workers didn't instruct voters to use only the machines for their precinct, a newspaper reported Friday.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer's review of voting patterns in Cuyahoga County showed that many of the approximately 1,000 voters in the two precincts cast ballots just steps away at machines meant for the other precinct.

"There was no distinction between precincts," said Katie Daley, an observer for the Democratic Party who spent Election Day at the voting place, Benedictine High School. "Voters were being told to go to any machine that was open."

The newspaper reported the problems arose because candidate names were in different positions on the ballot in different precincts. A person's punch-card ballot would be misread if he voted in the wrong precinct and the card was then read on his or her home precinct's machine.

Which led to this analisys:
and other work, which said in a nutshell:

1. The 44 best Kerry counties have a higher undervote rate than the 44 worst Kerry counties.
2. Undervote rate is highest on punch cards.
3. Bush beat Kerry on punch cards (and also op scan).
4. Bush04-Bush2K correlates with use of punch cards.
5. Cuyahoga undervotes in 2-ballot order/2-precinct locations are correlated with KerryVote%.
6. Nearly all precincts with >3.6% undervotes were >75% Kerry.
7. KerryVote% is highest in precincts with 1 ballot order: 73.4%, 177 precincts.
8. And this is true for ANY single ballot order (71.3-77.1%)
Any time there is >1 ballot order at the same polling place, Kerry's percentage is lower:
2 orders: 69.3.1% 502 precincts
3 orders: 67.6 % 465 precincts
4 orders: 56.0% 234 precincts
5 orders: 53.2% 49 precincts
9. Also, in the 1-ballot-order locations, the percentage of third party votes and undervotes is lowest.

So there was probably vote switching in Cuyahoga (and/or other punch card counties) too! And if this happened in 2000, you wouldn't see it the other correlations.

So, it's not even necessary to think that the whole fraud was based on suppression of turnout. There could have been vote switching too, and in fact, from the above AP story at the top of this post, we know there was.
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