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Reply #127: The Mystery Revealed... [View All]

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autorank Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Oct-11-05 11:09 PM
Response to Reply #120
127. The Mystery Revealed...
I didn't want to comment on your cryptic post earlier. Lets drop the authority by autobiography and deal with your elaboration:

"the original post in this thread destroys the credibility of the election reformers here because it is admitting you're simply not going to accept Bush could possibly have won. Incredibly, it is arguing that all allegations of fraud are automatically true, because of what we think of Bush."

"original post" destroys ... credibility of election reformers" Why? "because ... Bush won."

Stunning. You know Bush won, you deny your friend Rep. Conyers assertion that "hundreds of thousand" of voters were "affected" in Ohio, mostly minority districts, you deny the right of election reformers to challenge a stolen election. Curious logic. I like Conyers, I agree with him, his report influenced my thinking profoundly and I don't hear him saying we're destroying the "credibility of election reform." Find me a quote or ask him to post here (it's a friendlier venue for him the DKOS, I suspect, given the hostility to fraud research there).

"allegations of fraud...true" based on our opinion of Bush.

Again stunning. We don't have to think anything of Bush. Just look at the evidence. Wins Florida because of the "felon purge" by his brother, a premeditated act of election fraud. Declares war on a country that did not attack us or menace us killing tens of thousands, costing $300 billion to date...for what? Trashes social programs. Increases poverty through his policies. Attempts to destroy Social Security (our one big win). Lets people drown, starve, be victimized, see their home and city ruined for days before he acts.

We would suspect such a politician of committing election fraud? How dare we, you say.

The foul record of Bush is enough to suspect him of many things, including election fraud. It doesn't prove that he did it; it is the justification for suspicion where evidence exists. Nobody on this board who is serious said Bush's foul record proves election fraud. That's another red herring.

Your elucidation of the cryptic argument lacks any logic or persuasive power.

True election reform means free and fair elections with verifiable voting, tabulation, and results. Find me more than 0.05% of Americans opposed to that. Are you saying that because a few people who get no publicity cause these election reforms harm? That's lacking in any logic. Decent Americans of all stripes stop supporting free and fair elections because a tiny group of activists say Bush stole the election. That simply doesn't fly.
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009) Donate to DU

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