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Reply #117: Here is some Ohio information. What a joke of an election. [View All]

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autorank Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Oct-11-05 10:08 PM
Response to Reply #102
117. Here is some Ohio information. What a joke of an election.
Trying to turn Conyers into a "skeptic" or "doubter" won't cut it.

Look at this.

Fuzzy Math and Ohio Irregularities /

All absentee voters must be identified as such by name and residence in the precinct poll books of the precinct in which they are registered. Over 100 precinct poll books in Trumbull County were checked for absentee voters and that number of actual absentee voters was compared to the certified number of absentee votes. There was an inflated difference in nearly every precinct of the five communities examined. The five communities whose poll books were carefully inspected for an absentee vote overcount are: Warren City (311), Howland Township (138), Newton Falls City (34), Girard City (57), and Cortland Township (40). The 106 precincts of these five Ohio communities, about 39% of all precincts in Trumbull County, netted a total of 580 absentee votes for which there were no absentee voters identified in the poll books."93
Franklin County reported a striking peculiarity in its "Unofficial Abstract of Votes" published on its web site on Nov 3, 2004. Two separate bundles of absentee ballots, labeled "Absentee 1" and "Absentee 2", reported suspiciously identical totals of 20,680. Not one vote off, but two separate batches of absentee ballots, exactly the same.94
The "too close for comfort" numbers don't stop there. In the "Official Abstract of Votes" published on the Franklin County web site after certification (Dec 6, 2004), two other totals of absentee ballots were 23,710 and 23,403. Remarkably close.95
"When there are more votes than voters, there is a big problem" stated Dr. Werner Lange, who examined the discrepancy between absentee voters on the rolls and ballots cast.
"The absentee vote inflation rate for five communities < investigated by Dr. Lange> averages 5.5 fraudulent voters per precinct. If this pattern of inflated absentee votes holds for all of Ohio's 11,366 precincts, then there were some 62,513 absentee votes in Ohio up for grabs in the last election. Who grabbed them and how they did so should be the subject of an immediate congressional investigation."96
An error with an electronic voting system gave President Bush 3,893 extra votes in suburban Columbus. Franklin County's unofficial results had Bush receiving 4,258 votes to Democrat John Kerry's 260 votes in a precinct in Gahanna. Records show only 638 voters cast ballots in that precinct. Bush's total should have been recorded as 365.97
A down-ticket Democrat polled 257,000 more votes than Kerry in Ohio. If true -- and the web site offers some county-by-county vote figures -- that's very odd, as barring the most unusual circumstances the top of the ticket polls well ahead of candidates with very limited advertising budgets.98
In Cuyahoga County, third party candidates received nearly as many votes as Kerry. Because there was more than one precinct voting in a given room, and because placement on the ballot alternates with precincts, it is highly probable that ballots for Precinct A were used on Precinct B's punch card machines, thus causing the startling anomaly. This issue was not addressed during the subsequent Ohio recount.
Electronic voting machines where apparently equipped with a default setting, which was for Bush.99
There are reports of voters received pre-punched ballots with Bush already selected.100
In Warren County, as soon as voting was finished and it came time to count the votes, Election officials issued a "lockdown", prohibiting the press form viewing the counting of the ballots and conducting the tabulation in a locked room. The press was not even allowed into the building. Initially, Warren County officials claimed they received a level "10" FBI terror threat, but the FBI said it never issued such a warning.101
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