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Reply #47: How was it done? Two far rightwing Bushite corporations, Diebold and [View All]

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Peace Patriot Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Oct-11-05 10:04 AM
Response to Reply #6
47. How was it done? Two far rightwing Bushite corporations, Diebold and
Edited on Tue Oct-11-05 10:11 AM by Peace Patriot
ES&S, tabulated 80% of the nation's votes using SECRET, PROPRIETARY programming code, with not even a meager paper trail (let alone a real ballot backup) in one third of the country, and woefully inadequate auditing and recounting provisions everywhere.

SECRET, PROPRIETARY programming code, in the new, Bush Congress-funded ($4 billion) electronic voting machines and central tabulators that are characterized by lack of security, unreliability and extreme hackability (one hacker, a couple of minutes, leaving no trace). That's really all you need to know. The election SYSTEM was a fraud. But there is so much more.

All other evidence--apart from the results of Diebold's and ES&S's secret formulae--indicates a Kerry win.

--The registration figures (Dem blowout in new voter registration in 2004, nearly 60/40).

--The pre-election opinion polls (Zogby said Bush's numbers were so low he couldn't win).

--The grass roots and the internet nearly matching the Bush Cartel money machine, with small donations, keeping Kerry/Edwards competitive throughout the campaign.

--The exit poll numbers--the real ones, not the final exit poll number, which was DOCTORED by the war profiteering corporate news monopolies to "fit" the result of Diebold's and ES&S's secret formulae. The real exit polls (later admitted) show a 3% Kerry win among the voters who made it to the polling booth (not counting purged voters--a million purged black voters nationwide, according to Greg Palast--and other Bushite vote suppression). Probable Kerry landslide by 4% to 5%.

--The post-election opinion polls (utterly dismal for Bush--49% on the very day of his inauguration, an unprecedented low for a recently elected 2nd term prez, and sinking like the Titanic).

--The issue polls over the last 2 years (60% to 70% of Americans opposed to every major Bush policy, foreign and domestic--the Iraq war, torture, Social Security, the deficit, women's rights, you name it).

--Many statistical studies, showing, for instance, a big discrepancy between the exit polls and Diebold's and ES&S's secretly tabulated results in the east coast time zone (where the main tweak occurred), and in the swing states; big discrepancies in Bush's favor in electronic results vs. paper ballot (including in NC a similar discrepancy in the Senate race, and in FLA 100,000 to 300,000 phantom votes for Bush in the 3 biggest Dem counties); and numerous other statistical improbabilities (with huge odds against them).

--and many other indicators, for instance, 100 newspapers around the country changed their editorial endorsement from Repubs to Dems, endorsing Kerry in 2004.

And this is not even to get into Ohio (massive suppression of Dem votes), the RNC operative who was shredding Dem voter reg cards in west coast states, Jeb Bush's killing of a paper trail requirement in FLA, weird, anomalous numbers in many places, the many reports of touchscreens changing Kerry votes to Bush votes, and all the other evidence.


The question is NOT how they could steal (manufacture, switch, disappear) millions of votes. With electronic voting, it is EASY and UNTRACEABLE (and detectable only by strict audit/recount procedures--utterly lacking in our system--or external evidence like the exit polls). The question is: how is it that the Dem leadership PERMITTED this fraudulent election system to be put into place without one word of objection?

My answer: Serious bipartisan corruption among election officials at the state/local level, in this new billion dollar electronic voting boondoggle. And, too many War Democrats among the leadership, who didn't want a president beholden to the antiwar grass roots, and who like Bush's war, and thus didn't care if Bushites stole the election, and imposed that view from the top down, so that only MAVERICKS like Conyers and Boxer could object, and then, only to the egregious Voting Rights Act violations in Ohio.

NOT ONE OF THEM has objected to--or even raised the issue of--the states signing contracts with Bushite corporations containing "trade secret" vote tabulation. "Trade secret" vote tabulation is not normal. It would be considered outrageously non-transparent in any other democracy on earth--as would the DOCTORING of the exit polls, which are elsewhere used to verify elections and check for fraud. Not here. Here, the exit polls were FALSIFIED in order to ENDORSE the Bushite-controlled "official result."

Corruption, collusion and war profiteering. That's why Dem leaders failed to object to Bushites counting the votes behind the "Wizard of Oz" curtain of secret programming. I considered ignorance and stupidity. I don't believe that any more. I think they know. And I think strongarm tactics have been used to shut people up about it. In California, strongarm tactics were used to forbid Dem legislators to support our good Sec of State Kevin Shelley, who had gone after Diebold election theft machines and sued their asses. A Democrat with close ties to Diebold--Los Angeles county election head Connie McCormack--led the vicious campaign to force Shelley to resign on trivial, unproven charges of corruption.* That was a Bush Cartel black ops, in my opinion (Shelley was going after their source code in the lawsuit) facilitated by the CA Dem PARTY and corrupt county election officials. Shelley had no money to defend himself with (no legal fund). Tells you something about Shelley--probably the last honest election official in the country.

*(One of the charges was "misuse" of HAVA funds. Turns out the "misuse" was Shelley withholding funds from the counties for purchase of Diebold's crappy, hackable, unauditable election machines!)


You want to know what our election officials are spending their time doing--when they're not selling away our right to vote?

Check out the hogfest at the Beverly Hilton this August--a week of fun, sun and high-end shopping for election officials from around the country, sponsored by Diebold, ES&S and Sequoia electronic voting corporations. You'll want to puke...


See, "MythBreakers" (easy to read pamphlet on the perils of electronic voting).

See (plan for statistical monitoring of the 2006 and 2008 elections).


How did they steal millions of votes? They did it by corrupting our entire election system, so that nobody cares, nobody bothers about the peon voters any more or how they may have voted, and nobody has access to Diebold's and ES&S's "trade secret" elections.

It was easy.

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