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Reply #37: Just on the subject of the ground game autorank [View All]

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Yupster Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Oct-11-05 01:29 AM
Response to Reply #33
37. Just on the subject of the ground game autorank
The best thing I read was right on the subject was right after the election in the New York Times magazine.

The NYT had a reporter follow the head of the ACT (America Coming Together) interest group up to and including election day.

The head of the Clark campaign in Ohio took over the ACT effort in Ohio once Clark left the race.

This guy knew more about the Ohio ground game than anyone else alive including anyone in the Kerry campaign. He had much more money than the Kerry campaign and for months used it signing up Kerry voters precinct by precinct by the thousands.

On election day each potential voter was contacted by the ACT people and their names were marked off as they voted.

When the first exit poll numbers came in, the celebration started, but each new exit poll was less and less favorable to Kerry until the later ones showed a tie.

Toward the end of the day, the guy decided to take a ride out to some safely Republican suburban precincts. He walked up to where the turnout figures are posted hour by hour and was sick. Republicans were turning out in much greater numbers than he had planned for.

There was one more interesting vignette I remember. Late in the evening there was a long line at a reliably Democratic polling station and it was raining. He wanted to do everything he could to keep those people in line so he decided to get food out to them. McDonalds provided a food truck for some ungodly amount of money that he said he wouldn't pay, but a union official was with him and said he'd pick up the tab. So out they went to the precinct with the food.

There they met the local precinct chairman or county chairman who shocked the guy by pointing to a new subdivision near the polling place and told the ACT guy that this precinct was not nearly as reliable as it was just four years go, because that entire subdivision was brand new, and full of Repblicans, many of whom had driven home from work and were on line right then.

By the time the results started coming in, the ACT guy knew he was in trouble. While still hopeful, he was realistically looking at the evidence and seeing a slight loss. And that's what he got.

So, to your question about could the Republicans have won the ground game with less money, I answer, yes. If this guy thought so, and he ran the ground game and knew more than anyone else alive about it, then I'm convinced and arguments and theories on the internet aren't going to change my mind.

On the other hand, I certainly don't intend to convince anyone else, and there really isn't any point in arguing as it seems that many people have this deep-seeded need to believe that Kerry won. I guess people put so much of themselves into the campaign that they just can't believe that it wasn't successful. I guess it's the second stage of mourning which is disbelief. Anyway, those people will go on believing, will need to keep believing till the day they die.

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