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Is It ** Stalin** Yet??? (In honor of Sec. Rumsfeld's statement today!) [View All]

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bvar22 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Aug-24-05 08:55 PM
Original message
Is It ** Stalin** Yet??? (In honor of Sec. Rumsfeld's statement today!)
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In a press conference yesterday, the cornered rat Donald Rumsfeld (chief architect of the Failed Iraqi Occupation),
lashed out at his critics, nonsensically comparing them to Stalinists.

"Rumsfeld made it clear that he has no respect for people who question his policies or progress in Iraq. He noted that "throughout history there have always been those who predict America's failure just around every corner. At the height of World War II ... many Western intellectuals praised Stalin ... for a time, Communism was very much in vogue." ... Apparently, our most important commitment is a reflexive acceptance of Rumsfeld's policies."

Rumsfeld is very confused and vomiting up anything that crosses his (very warped sociopathic) mind. His own comments remind one of Stalin's Russia much more than those of critics of his Failed War.
In a Totalitarian State (like Stalin's Russia), criticism of the administration is not tolerated. Rumsfeld's statement,
"...he (Rummy) has no respect for people who question his policies.." is more representative of Stalin than any public criticism directed at the conduct of their little WAR.

In a Democracy, criticism and oversight of the Government by the public is enshrined in our Constitution!

The following list has been compiled over the last few months, and has had some recent additions.
I'm going to mail Rumsfeld a copy tonight to refresh his memory about Totalitarian One Party States, and the value of criticism and public oversight! Since I'm mailing Rummy a copy, I thought I would post it here as a reminder to us all!

The Republicans have been In Charge of America for 5 years.
Are we beginning to look like Stalin's Soviet Union?

*Demanding Party Loyalty above National Security (Plame Outing and Coverup)

*Military PURGED of commanders loyal to the Country and not the Party

*Whitewashes and Cover Ups masquerading as Governmental Investigations

*Secret Prisons where people are "disappeared"

*Dismantling of Individual Protections from Government

*Torture as a National Policy

*Police State Powers Increasing

*One Party Government (No Effective Opposition Party)

*Absurd (OBSCENE) and expanding Military Budgets

*Dismantling of Humanitarian Programs to pay for Military

*Restricting access to information about government

*Restricting access to information contradicting Republican Party ideals (birth control).

*Rewriting (forging) scientific data to support Republican Party ideals

*State Owned Media

*Persecution of Dissent

*HyperNationalism masquerading as Patriotism


*Bogus and unverifiable elections

*Private Police and Security Forces not accountable to the Public.

*Republican Party Secret Police to screen at Bush* appearances

*NO Civilian Control and Oversight of Military

*Highest percentage imprisoned in Western World

*Potemkin Villages for the Press and Red Cross (Iraq and Guantanamo)

*Rampant Historical Revisionism

*Privileges and Access for Republican Party Members Only

*Ruling by Executive Order

*Judiciary controlled by Executive Branch

*Legislative Organs controlled by Executive Branch

*Power Consolidated and Concentrated in One Person

*Government Officials WARNING to be careful what we say

*Controlled and Scripted PUBLIC appearances of Republican Party Officials

*Government encouraging citizens to spy on each other

*Secret files on law abiding citizens

*Manufactured phony State Heroes (Tillman, Lynch)

*State Medals awarded by Cronyism and Republican Party Loyalty, not merit

*Governmental business cloaked I secrecy.

*Government contracts awarded in secret to Party Members and Cronies

*Odor of Arrogance and Contempt from Republican Party Officials

I am NOT EQUATING the USA today with Stalinist Russia or other One Party Toltarian States.
I AM saying we are moving in that direction.

Feel free to add to the list or dispute my claims.
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