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Tigress DEM Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Aug-15-05 10:39 PM
Response to Original message
61. Devil's advocate....
If I had painted myself into the corner Bush has painted himself into I think I would be raging too.

Here is a man who has to be in on things or get stabbed in the back by some of his shaddier co-horts, not to mention how hard it must be to sleep at night having done the things he has done. Sleep depravation leads to mental stress, ongoing fatigue and irritability.

Just keeping up with half the shit this administration is dishing out has me up at nights, sometimes until dawn trying to get a handle on it and I don't have to make decisions about how to screw America today. Whatever I do is part of the upswell in human outcry that Bush can feel tickling the back of his neck everytime he takes a step in any direction.

I'm not saying he doesn't deserve what he's getting, just that it might not be insanity or dementia, just simply his natural consequences for making the choices he has.

Still, if I had some magic wand and it could be determined that all these who are bent on destroying this country could simply be healed and join in the effort to rebuild... I'd wish it could happen. I'm realistic. I doubt there's any chance, but although those people and their actions make me sick to my stomach, I'm not as angry as I was when I started learning about all their deceipt.

I literally would not have pissed on Bush if he were on fire in front of me. Now, I would do the right thing and cuss myself out afterward. I feel like in getting over my anger at him at least to that degree, where I don't see red whenever I think about him.

It isn't that I want to let him off the hook for the things he's done, but I'm beginning to believe that anything I could do or say to him is miniscule compared to the simple rebound affect of "what goes around comes around."

Whether it's God, or our collective higher consciousness, or just nature his behaviours are offensive on every level and will come back to haunt him and all his little cronies. I have faith that he can not resist the accumulated will of the people and that our collective spirit is breaking down the walls of their sheer defiance.

Does that mean my job is done? Far from it, but I feel like I could stand there impartially and hear the facts and simply make a decision based on the facts without even caring enough to hate him anymore. He's had enough of my energy in that way.

He and his rabble need to be impeached, but I'm not going to enjoy his every humiliation, because that would bring me down to his level and if I'm not going to be about more than that, I'll STILL be part of the problem and not the solution. THAT goal is more important to me than his just rewards.

A criminal in the stocks he will be, but I won't be throwing things at him. Give him too much of an excuse to feel sorry for himself. I'll be too busy working with others to fix the nation he broke.

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