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Reply #5: Thanks for all this info everyone, this will help a lot, I encourage... [View All]

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Up2Late Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Jun-08-05 12:57 PM
Response to Reply #1
5. Thanks for all this info everyone, this will help a lot, I encourage...
...everyone to send a short e-mail to NPR and, if they are taking e-mail yet the new PBS Ombudsmen, to complain about them having this woman on without having an equally hysterical voice from the Left.

You can read or listen (or watch) some of the the nutty things this woman said on the PBS Newshour below, and believe me, she almost never stops, unless the host cuts her off.

Here a little clip from (June 6, 2005 PBS Newshour):

GWEN IFILL: Let me ask Calvina Fay about that. We just heard Ethan Nadelmann say that the DEA is now capable of going in and busting individuals like Angel Raich who were taking this drug, marijuana, for pain relief. Do you think that that's going to happen?

CALVINA FAY: The DEA has always had the authority to enforce our federal drug laws. In reality, we do not have individuals who are sick and dying that are going to prison for using drugs. That's not at all what's happening. We've documented case after case after case of people out in California who are smoking marijuana who claim they're treating athlete's foot; they're treating migraine headaches, backaches; that's where the problem is. We have people abusing this right and left and using medicine as an excuse to do drugs.

Also, when people are arrested trafficking in drugs, that's their first defense. They claim that they are growing the drug for medical purposes. Where do you draw the line on what you call a medicine? People feel good when they smoke marijuana. That does not mean they're treating a medical condition. They feel good when they smoke crack cocaine too, but that doesn't make it a medicine. This is not at all about medicine. It's about the legalizations of a mind altering drug, scamming the American public. It's very interesting that the people that are advocates for marijuana as medicine are people who are also advocating that we legalize all drugs. It's not our medical groups out there saying we should legalize these drugs as a medicine. :crazy:

BTW, That "...crack cocaine..." line is one of her favorites, I can't even begin to tell you how many time she repeated that line on NPR's "Talk of the Nation," because I was screaming at the radio to shut her up about that crap.

If you want to hear her TOTN Ranting for yourself, it's at:
But she was on almost every other NPR show too over the last few days.

In my e-mail to NPR, I'm going to tell them that if they have people like that on in the future, the host must be mush more aggressive with those types of people, or better yet, don't have those types on, because they are pissing off their base.
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009) Donate to DU

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