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Reply #120: I also am a New Yorker, and though I wanted to vote for DK [View All]

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youngred Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Dec-08-04 10:45 PM
Response to Reply #119
120. I also am a New Yorker, and though I wanted to vote for DK
it didn't matter by the time I got there. Having spent a lot of time thinking about the electoral process I have come up with a bunch of ideas actually.

1) Eliminate the electoral college format as it currently stands. Replace it with a 1,000 vote system with each state being represented by population alone decided after each census. The sum total of a states electoral votes would then be divided according to the percentage that each candidate got. This system would allow for every state to be a swing state and force the candidates to look to every part of the country for their votes and mean that in every state your vote does indeed matter.

2) Instant Runoff Voting. You rank the candidates according to your preference. Should neither candidate get a clear majority drop the lowest scoring candidate and tally all their number two votes. This would allow for third or fourth party candidates to run and provide a voice for people who are left out of politics while not handing over the election to someone they dislike. Or a system where you get two points for your first place vote and one for your second and the total of points is counted

3) Uniform, touch screen voting machines, which print your ballot back to you and leave a printed record at the polling place for manual recounts

4)Make election day a national holiday and move it to a friday (we're not a nation of farmers anymore and tuesday voting makes no sense), allow for motor-voter registration and provisional ballots. Allow no-reason absentee voting.

5) public financing of campaigns. Force networks to carry a certain and equal amount of political advertising (they are the public's ariways after all). This will cut into the incumbancy advantage, cut a lot of the corruption out of politics and allow people to still stay informed. Public financing for parties would be recieved only after recieving 5% of the last presidential votes for first or second choices in the IRV style.

6) Change the primary system to 10 primaries every week, on one day, for 5 weeks, and the order of the states voting gets rotated every cycle. It's ridiculous to have Iowa and New Hamshire always be first and for many of the larger and more partisan states to be later in the schedule effectively leaving them without a voice in their candidate. Although part of me likes the idea of open primaries I wouldn't want it because it's too open to chicananery.

7) I would say make the parties take turns being first and last on their conventions and mandate that they be held within 2 weeks of each other and that they be in July, not August or September

8 ) Three debates every election cycle held in the last 4 weeks before the election. All major candidates should be included.

9) Using the same rationale as for lowering the voting age to 18, allow all people 14 to 16 to vote if they pass a civics exam, that can be taken in their first language. People 16 and older are free to vote without restrictions.

10)Congressional districts would be selected by a bipartisan panel chosen by state legislators. The House has gotten way too paritsan because of the choice of safe districts and gerrymandering.

11) End the practice of permanant purging of freed felons. If you've served your time, you've served your time and should be afforded all the rights of citizenship again.
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009) Donate to DU

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