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Reply #21: Paraphrasing that entire screed.... [View All]

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Sparkly Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Nov-12-04 09:57 PM
Response to Original message
21. Paraphrasing that entire screed....
1. I'm soooo confused about voting for the IWR yet being against pushing away our allies, kicking out the inspectors, and invading with a weak coalition. That's your fault, Democrats, because you never sent me a direct, personal explanation.

2. Sure, Kerry talked about hunting down and killing terrorists wherever they are. He talked about how this adminstration hasn't secured loose nukes from the former Soviet Union, hasn't protected our borders, hasn't secured our ports, hasn't ensured inspections of airline cargo, failed to get Bin Laden in Tora Bora, is too connected with the Saudi's, and has left first responders woefully underfunded. That first debate showed Bush* considers a tax cut for the wealthy more important than funding homeland security. But it's your fault I didn't hear a word of it and still contend Kerry sees terrorism as a law enforcement issue and wouldn't use the military or go on the offense as required.

3. What's the big deal about three purple hearts? It's just a slogan, a drum beat, a manipulation. Why should it matter that John Kerry volunteered for dangerous duty while Bush* went out of his way to avoid it? Am I supposed to consider it some mark of character that John Kerry turned his boat into enemy fire, beached onshore, and pursued an enemy on foot, killing for his country? Do I care that he shed blood for his country, or saw two of his best friends die? It's the same as the most men over 50, they all served in some way. It's your fault I don't understand the difference, or what Kerry's experience says about his character, his understanding of war, or his ability to be aggressive against an enemy.

4. I'm supposed to care about the rest of the world? You seem to think we live in a global economy or have some sort of responsibility to the rest of the world, as if there were an international law or something. It's your fault I don't care about anybody else.

5. You demonize the rich. Democrats aren't rich and don't know the value of hard work. Why else would you want rich people to pay a higher share of taxes? It's just hypocritical for rich people to want to raise their own taxes. How dare you act like you owe something. It's not my fault I'm confused between the stereotype of lazy welfare liberals and rich elite liberals. It's your fault.

6. You were so mean to Bush*! It's not my fault I didn't notice that your convention was a message of Unity, right down to the keynote address. It's not my fault I didn't notice the Republican convention was a message of shrieking hatred, right down to the keynote address. I never heard anybody calling Kerry a liar, a traitor, or a man who never bled for his medals. It's your fault I am so myopic.

7. Somebody on AAR called people like me "snake-handling evangelicals." How do I know they meant me, if I don't handle snakes and am not an evangelical? I just DO, that's all. And it's your fault.
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