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Why Bush's SAT Scores Don't Matter [View All]

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dirtyduck Donating Member (274 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Oct-26-04 03:12 PM
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Why Bush's SAT Scores Don't Matter
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As a graduate assistant, I worked on research related to intellectual development. I was thinking about it the other day in the context of the Bush administration. I think it explains why we are all so frustrated with the decision making that goes on -- the thought process is literally representative of that of a preschooler. I really struggle to believe that Bush would be rated much higher than a level one or two, which is what fanatical religious beliefs can do to intellectual curiosity. It also illustrates why, regardless of what he got on his SAT (a terrible intellectual predictor, anyway), he is an awful leader. The ultimate irony is that No Child Left Behind encourages children to stay at the lowest levels of development by focusing multiple choice standardized tests, right vs. wrong, expert opinions, and "facts". Getting our children to move to higher levels requires problem solving, committed teachers treated as professionals, real world experience, and assessment that gets very ugly at times. It is certainly not scientific and easily measured. Here are the various levels:

Position 1: The student sees the world in polar terms of we-right-good vs. other-wrong-bad. Right Answers for everything exist in the Absolute, known to Authority whose role is to mediate (teach) them. Knowledge and goodness are perceived as quantitative accretions of discrete rightness to be collected by hard work and obedience (paradigm: a spelling test).

Position 2: The student perceives diversity of opinion, and uncertainty, and accounts for them as unwarranted confusion in poorly qualified Authorities or as mere exercises set by the Authority "so we can learn to find The Answer for ourselves".

Position 3: The student accepts diversity and uncertainty as legitimate but still temporary in areas where Authority "hasn't found The Answer yet." He supposes Authority grades him in these areas on "good expression" but remains puzzled as to the standards.

Position 4: (a) The student perceives legitimate uncertainty (and therefore diversity of opinion) to be extensive and raises it to the status of an unstructured epistemological realm of its own in which "any authority has a right to his opinion," a realm which he sets over against Authority's realm where right-wrong still prevails, or (b) the student discovers the qualitative contextual relativistic reasoning as a special case of "what they want" within Authority's realm.

Position 5: The student perceives all knowledge and values (including Authority's) as contextual and relativistic and subordinates dualistic right-wrong functions to the status of a special case, in context.

Position 6: The student apprehends the necessity of orienting himself in a relativistic world through some form of personal Commitment (as distinct from unquestioned or unconsidered commitment to simple belief in certainty).

Position 7: The student makes an initial commitment in one area.

Position 8: The student experiences the implications of Commitment, and explores the subjective and stylistic issues of responsibility.

Position 9: The student experiences the affirmation of identity among multiple responsibility and realizes Commitment as an ongoing, unfolding activity through which he expresses his life style.

Where do you fall?

More info on the model at: ">Citation for position descriptions
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