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Reply #59: DOD again lost a trillion in 2002 [View All]

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DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Jul-13-06 06:20 AM
Response to Reply #37
59. DOD again lost a trillion in 2002
Edited on Thu Jul-13-06 06:25 AM by DrDebug
I think you said that maybe it was to hide the costs of 9/11, because the missing trillions are pretty standard.

Project for the Exposure of Hidden Institutions
Unacknowledged Special Access Programs


A big questions that remains of course is how all these projects are funded. The official black budget of the DoD would be the most likely explanation, but there are 'indications' that the U.S. economy is being plundered for at least $1 trillion every year (yes, about 10% of GNP). Because no one is going to believe this without reading the full original sources, I cached all the mainstream news reports at the bottom of this article. I extracted the following numbers from these reports:

Year Missing Sources (all cached at the bottom)
1998 $3.4 trillion Washington Times
1999 $2.3 trillion Congressional meeting
2000 $1.1 trillion Congressional meeting; Insight Magazine
2001 $2.3 trillion CBS quoting Rumsfeld
2002 $1+ trillion San Francisco Chronicle; CBS

References to the missing annual trillions (no typo) in the DOD and other government agencies:

1. April 1, 1999, Washington Times, '$3,400,000,000,000 Of Taxpayers' Money Is Missing'
2. November 6, 2000, Insight Magazine, 'Why Is $59 Billion Missing From HUD *?'
3. June 25, 2001, Insight Magazine, 'THE CABINET - Inside HUD's * Financial Fiasco'
4. September 3, 2001, Insight Magazine, 'Rumsfeld Inherits Financial Mess'
5. September 28, 2001, Insight Magazine, 'Wasted Riches'
6. January 29, 2002, CBS News, 'The War on Waste - Defense Department Cannot Account For 25% Of Funds $2.3 Trillion'
7. April 29, 2002, Insight Magazine, 'Government Fails Fiscal Fitness Test'
8. May 18, 2003, San Francisco Chronicle, 'Military waste under fire $1 trillion missing -- Bush plan targets Pentagon accounting'
9. May 19, 2003, CBS, 'Pentagon Fights For (Its) Freedom'
10. May 22, 2003, The Guardian, 'So much for the peace dividend: Pentagon is winning the battle for a $400bn budget'
11. June 28, 2003, NPR's Morning Edition, Congressman Dennis Kucinich mentions the missing trillions.
12. April 6, 2004, USA Today, 'NASA costs can't be verified, GAO report says'
13. March 2005, Senate Armed Services Committee, FY 2006 Defense Dept. Budget (congresswoman Cynthia McKinney asks some hard questions) [br />
Excerpted from:

* HUD was of course the responsibility our friend Mel Martinez whose name always comes up in Election 2000 Fraud, al Cokeda, Skyway's 5.5 tons of cocaine.

Public Domain: Congressional Record

Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney asks questions about the missing trillions to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and DOD comptroller Tina Jonas.

FY 2006 Defense Department Budget
Senate Armed Services Committee
March 2005
Broadcasted by C-Span

MCKINNEY: According to the Comptroller-General of the United States there are serious financial management problems at the Pentagon to which mr. Cooper alluded. Fiscal year 1999, 2.3 trillion missing; fiscal year 2000, 1.1 trillion missing. And the DOD is the number one reason why the government can't balance its checkbook.

The Pentagon has claimed year after year that the reason it can't account for the money is because its computers don't communicate with each other. My second question, mr. secretary, is who has the contracts today to make those systems communicate with each other, how long have they had those contracts, and how much have the taxpayers paid for them?

RUMSFELD: ... I forgot what the second question was.

MCKINNEY: I think miss Jonas knowns it.

JONAS: Thank you, mrs. McKinney, I appreciate the question, I appreciate your interest in our department's financial condition, and we are working very hard on that program. I just came back recently....

MCKINNEY: I understand you're working hard on it, but my question was who has the contracts, how long have they had that contract, and how much money have we spent on it?

JONAS: In general we spent about 20 billion dollars in the department on information technology systems. The accounting systems, or part of that, I can give you the exact number for the record of what we spent on our current, of what we call our legacy systems and those that we're moving toward.

MCKINNEY: And who has the contracts?

JONAS: There would be a multitude of individuals...

MCKINNEY: Could you name some, please?

JONAS: Well, uh, I think of the top of the, my head... well, I would rather not. I would rather provide that for the record.

MCKINNEY: That's not privileged information, is it?

JONAS: I'm sure it's not.

MCKINNEY: Well, please. We still have time. So, please.

JONAS: I would be glad to provide it for the record. I don't want to talk from the top of my head and be incorrect.

Rumsfeld has of course forgotten the question again and Jonas never could find the answer.

Now the Lord had commanded a great whale to swallow up Jonas
Jonas 2:1
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