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DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jul-08-06 12:48 PM
Response to Reply #13
42. From 11-M conspiracy site
Edited on Sat Jul-08-06 12:55 PM by DrDebug
I guess most know that there was lots of confusion because Aznar immediately started to blame ETA and then told all kinds of lies and the attacks turned out to be different from the perpared script and they suddenly started to blame al-Qaeda. This was more or less the point that he completely blew his re-election and in a complete state of panic "cleaned" his office as mentioned above, since he probably had some 9/11, Afghanistan, Equatorial Guinea, Iraq, memos from his buddy Dubya and heaven knows what he had been doing in Spain which probably wasn't too kosher either lying around.

My Spanish / Babelfish are not very good, so the translation might be a little bit off, but I get the general picture (and it's far better than those official lies at wikipedia):

In the previous chapter we asked ourselves who contracted the mercenaries that died in Legans ... Why would Al-Qaeda want to change their modus operandus in Spain and not use suicide bombers? ... In Spain, unlike all the other attacks, the terrorists used Spaniards (the Asturian plot) to supply the explosives ...

The number of Police informers, Civil Guard and intelligence services presumably implied in the plot is enormous: Antonio Toro, Carmen Toro, Surez Trashorras, Rafa Zouhier... Other informers are included who, without being implied in the plot, warned of preparations: Joe, the Lebanese money launderer, the iman (trans. magnet?) Cartagena ... The telephones which were supposedly used in the knapsacks pump were bought from a Spanish police officer of Syrian origin, Maussili Kalaji, that had (one of the many "coincidences" of 11-M) a relation with the members of the commando of Virgin of the Choir (?).

How it is possible that small time crooks were used in Madrid for the attack. We know, for example, that El Chino was busted for drug dealing in December of 2003 ... In Spain, the terrorists acquired the explosives from local non-Muslim providers who were close to the security forces.

The reason that we do not know anything of anything is that, as soon as the attacks took place, the Spanish government started a disinformation campaign about who they devised the massacre they had anticipated in minimum details ... Who devised the attack did not limit itself to plan the massacre, but also carefully created smoke screens that could form public opinion ... A form of disinformation techniques not used by Al-Qaeda, but by another group of elements for whom those techniques are part of their arsenal of daily tools.

Hmm... drug dealers... always drug dealers/users... The usual patsies...

So the attack was not according to the prepared plan. I guess this one was an intelligence failure. They used the wrong cars, wrong explosives, wrong false flag and Aznar kept on repeating the script despite an increasing number of stories that his script book was wrong...
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