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DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Jul-06-06 09:55 AM
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13. Madrid 11-M also known as 3/11
Seemslikeadream requested that I dump some 3/11 stuff here as well and she found out the Riggs bank connection. I haven't read it yet, so it's still working in progress, however John Cleary talked about this story.

---+---+---+--- ---+---+---+--- ---+---+---+--- ---+---+---+---

The 11 March 2004 Madrid train bombings (also known as 11/3, 3/11, M-11 and 11-M) were a series of coordinated terrorist bombings against the commuter train system of Madrid, Spain on the morning of 11 March 2004, which killed 191 people and wounded 1,460. (1)

On March 10, 2004, President Obiang of Equatorial Guinea announced that there was a complex plot to overthrow him that involved the intelligence services of the United States, the United Kingdom and Spain. Shortly after 15 people were arrested in Equatorial Guinea in connection with a possible coup attempt, an airplane landed in Harare, Zimbabwe and was promptly detained by authorities. (2)

The aircraft was carrying armed mercenaries who were heading to Equatorial Guinea with the aim of toppling Obiang's government. President Obiang charges that various Western governments wanted to install the head of Equatorial Guinea's government-in-exile, Severo Moto Ns, as president. A man that Equatoguinean media identified as the leader of the mercenaries, Nick du Toit, said he had not intended to kill Obiang, but had hoped to force him into exile. (2)

Links have been discovered between senior American military officials and the failed coup plot in Equatorial Guinea that has left Sir Mark Thatcher, son of Margaret, facing trial in South Africa. Theresa Whelan, a member of the Bush administration in charge of African affairs at the Pentagon, twice met a London-based businessman, Greg Wales, in Washington before the coup attempt. Mr Wales has been accused of being one of its organisers, but has denied any involvement. (3)


The South African police recovered a list of the financiers (the "wonga list"). Among the names found on the list are: (4)

  • Jeffrey Archer
    Best-selling cheap thriller author and disgraced former deputy chairman of Britain's Conservative party. Thanks to John Cleary. Named in several British newspapers as allegedly having paid tens of thousands of pounds to Simon Mann.

  • Ely Calil
    A London-based oil tycoon of Lebanese origin, Calil reportedly introduced Simon Mann to Equatorial Guinean opposition leader Severo Moto, asking him to accompany Moto back to Malabo during a planned coup attempt

  • James Kershaw
    The 24-year-old South African computer expert and alleged coup accountant reportedly handed the so-called "Wonga list" - of wealthy individuals who bankrolled the coup plot - to South African authorities.

  • Peter Mandelson, Britain's European Commissioner
    Enormously long biography...

  • Simon Mann
    Alleged mastermind of the coup plot. Educated at one of Britain's top private schools and a former member of the crack SAS military unit, Mann was convicted Friday in Zimbabwe of trying to buy weapons for the alleged coup plot (...) Mann and Nick du Toit, held as a co-conspirator in Equatorial Guinea, were members of a now-defunct mercenary group in Sierra Leone and Angola.

  • Severo Moto
    Accused by the government in Malabo of being the instigator of the alleged coup. Denies involvement. Moto is president of the self-proclaimed Equatorial Guinean government-in-exile based in Spain, the former colonial power. Media reports say he was flown to neighbouring Mali on the eve of the planned coup, in preparation for his unveiling as Equatorial Guinea's new leader.

  • Sir Mark Thatcher
    The son of former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher has been found guilty in South Africa and fled the country. He is a friend and Cape Town neighbour of Simon Mann. He is moved in with his mother. (4)

    France Checkmated NATO
    The Oil Dispute in Equatorial Guinea
    France Checkmated NATO

    The spectacular arrest of Mark Thatcher (British Iron Ladys son) in South Africa and the confessions of his accomplices in Zimbabwe and Equatorial Guinea clarified completely the fail coup against this country. The operation was not organized by adventurers or mercenaries paid by international financiers, but by NATO. The U.S. had mobilized the British and Spanish services to overthrow President Teodoro Obiang and take control of the country to build the largest gas-liquefying station of the world. By doing this, the U.S. would have taken the French oil company Total out of the market thus favoring Spanish Repsol. But France knew about the operation and made it fail. (...)

    Airline Triple A Aviation was linked to Thatchers activities for it seemed that Sir Thatcher used it to transfer some $275 000 of the operation funds. It seemed that the airline signed on January 2004 an agreement on aviation services with Logo Logistics, Simon Manns company. The bank records proved that $100,000 were transferred to Logos account on March 2,2004; only two days before the fail coup. Although South Africa rejected the Iron Ladys son extradition to Equatorial Guinea, investigators could question him in South African territory. Sir Thatcher was prepared to leave South Africa, where he has lived since 1996, to avoid a tax investigation. His residency was already on sale for 4.5 million dollars and his familys airline tickets for the U.S. were booked when he was arrested by the Scorpions. (...)

    NATO at the Service of the Oil Coalition

    But this was not the end of the story. Beyond Mark Thatchers personality, whos been the focus of attention, the true actors began to appear NATO and France waged a strategic battle that reminded people of the Iraqi situation, another country among those not very common anymore which offered solid perspectives regarding energy investment recovery (...) For instance, its been known that American oil company Marathon Oil was to invest 1,000 million dollars in a liquified gas terminal project in Equatorial Guinea. However, certain experts, who noticed that this was the largest project on the liquified gas field in the world, estimated that in real life the contract was a 3 000 million dollar deal.

    (...) At the moment in which the plan entered its final stage and mercenaries were ready to act, two Spanish warships suddenly set sail from a NATO base in Rota, with 500 elite soldiers on board. It seemed that only they knew what their destiny was and Spain had not sent any warship to Equatorial Guinea since the independence of this African country in 1968. The direction of the two ships was controlled by the Commander in Chief of the Command of the American forces in Europe and NATO Supreme commander, General James L. Jones.

    (...) On the other hand, French intelligence services had the chance of intervening by informing South African and/or Zimbabwes authorities at the right time thus allowing them to capture the mercenaries on their way to Malabo and, at the same time, protect the interests of the French oil company Total. Currently, it is a pleasure for Zapateros government to assist the South African justice. Thirty years ago, by following a Frederick Forsyth-styled plan, a few skillful and unscrupulous mercenaries could have guaranteed a nice retirement for themselves. Today, for a few more barrels it is NATO, on behalf of the very same oil coalition that invaded Iraq, the one that launched itself on an adventure pushed by the international financial institutions.


    March 7 Zimbabwe seizes a US-registered cargo plane carrying 64 suspected mercenaries and military equipment. Simon Mann and five others are arrested on the tarmac

    March 8 Fifteen suspected mercenaries are arrested in Equatorial Guinea, including the alleged leader of the advanced party Nick du Toit. Most of the suspects in both groups are South African

    March 10 President Teodoro Obiang thanks South Africa and Angola for warning him of the plot and says it was funded by "enemy powers" and multinational companies operating within Equatorial Guinea

    March 11 Bombs go off in Madrid

    March 16 Zimbabwe charges 70 suspected mercenaries with conspiring to murder President Obiang

    March 31 Simon Mann writes a letter pleading with associates, including Sir Mark Thatcher, to get him out of prison

    August 23 Nick du Toit and 13 other suspected mercenaries go on trial in Equatorial Guinea. The 15th member of the group, a German, had died, allegedly under torture

    August 25 South African police arrest Sir Mark Thatcher on suspicion of involvement in the coup plot. He is charged with breaking the country's strict anti-mercenary laws

    August 27 Zimbabwe acquits 66 of the suspected mercenaries of weapons offences charges but finds Mann guilty of attempting to possess dangerous weapons. He faces up to 10 years in jail,15013,1292658,00.html

    Madrid Commission confirms conspiracy of lies used to justify Iraq War

    Spain: Madrid Commission confirms conspiracy of lies used to justify Iraq War
    By Paul Mitchell
    29 December 2004

    Evidence presented to the commission investigating the train bombings on March 11 in Madrid in which 191 people died and 1,700 others were injured confirms that a conspiracy of lies was used to justify the Iraq war and deceive the Spanish people.

    The evidence emerged when current Prime Minister Jos Luis Rodrguez Zapatero testified at the Spanish Congressional Commission of Inquiry into the Madrid bombings. Zapatero confirmed allegations first published in the Spanish daily El Pais on December 13 that the former Popular Party (PP) government led by Jos Mara Aznar ordered the destruction of computer records dealing with the key period between the Madrid train bombings and the general election held three days later that it lost to Zapateros Socialist Workers Party (PSOE). El Pais reported that a specialist computer company was paid $12,000 to erase the computer records, including back-up security copies.

    Zapatero confirmed the allegations during questioning at the inquiry, In the prime ministers office we did not have a single document or any data on computer because the whole cabinet of the previous government carried out a massive erasure.

    That means we have nothing about what happened, information that might have been received, meetings or decisions that were taken from March 11 until March 14,he added.

    Since then, it has emerged that Aznar and his cabinet office in fact erased all records covering their eight years of government. According to the New York Times, a Spanish official said every file had been wiped out on the hundreds of computers at the presidential complex, known as the Moncloa Palace. Not a single trace of any files was left behind, the official said. Zero, nothing.



    Thanks to Seems, the following links can be added to the story as well:

    Bank with close ties to Bush administration engulfed in scandal

    NEW details of Thatcher coup plot: London Evening Standard

    SEC probes Marathon Oil payments in Equitorial Guinea (and HQ burns down)

    Du Toit admits meeting Thatcher

    Terrorist Stocks?

    'Petroleum lures dogs of war to Africa'

    BBC News: Thatcher charged

    Margaret Thatcher's Son Released on Coup Plot Charges

    Exiled leader in Spain denies any link to coup attempt

    Scorpions say have more info on Equatorial Guinea coup

    Financiers conspired to overthrow oil-flush African

    Mark Thatcher: The money trail

    Thatcher case twist as list of alleged coup backers vanishes

    Thatcher: Spain 'secretly backed coup by sending warships'

    WaPo: Allbritton Loses Riggs Bank (front page, day 3)

    E Guinea 'coup plot' verdict due + update/result

    I feel like a corpse in a river, says Mark Thatcher as he
    faces court...

    Thatcher to face coup questions

    Phone links Thatcher to alleged plot

    There was no coup plot, says Du Toit

    Thatcher to ask Britain to help halt extradition

    Thatcher charged over coup plot

    Thatcher to be tried in absentia

    Britain knew in advance of Equatorial Guinea coup plot:

    Tories Demand Answers on 'Coup Plot'

    Mandelson faces questioning over 'link' to coup plot

    Legal Woes Cut Into Bottom Line at Riggs

    Mugabe flies to Equatorial Guinea (coup plot latest)

    Despots, Deposits & Directors - Riggs Bank

    SABC asks to broadcast Thatcher court case

    Spain calls on EU to warn Equatorial Guinea - Riggs Bank

    Raids 'break up' 20m theft gang

    Thatcher coup plot: Mandelson, CIA & State Department named

    Archer 'link to coup plot'

    Britain accused of failing to investigate Africa coup

    Pentagon link to Guinea coup plot

    And there is more of course, because what if it was the same team as did 9/11 :tinfoilhat:

    You probably don't think it is possible, however who is a member of the board at Marsh:

    Oscar Fanjul
    Director since 2001

    Mr. Fanjul, age 56, is vice chairman and chief executive officer of Omega Capital, a private investment firm in Spain. Mr. Fanjul is honorary chairman of Repsol YPF, where he was chairman and chief executive officer from its inception in 1986 until 1996. He was chairman of Hidroelctrica del Cantbrico from 1999 to 2001 and chairman of NH Hoteles from 1997 until 1999. Mr. Fanjul is a director of Acerinox, the Lafarge Group, the London Stock Exchange, Unilever, Marsh S.A. and a member of MMC's International Advisory Board. He is a trustee of the International Accounting Standards Committee Foundation and the Amigos del Museo del Prado.

    Pure speculation:
    So what if the French were right and it was about the oil of Equatorial Guinea which was supposed to go to Repsol instead of Total. So who is a member of the board since 2001 (why that year?). And Oscar is by far the biggest guy at Marsh and his list of groups and companies also includes Carlyle, Trilateral, Goldman Sachs, etc. etc.

    So could a former CEO and Chairman of the Board of Repsol be involved in the failed coup in Equatorial Guinea as well and could it be there be an overlap between the team who did 9/11 and 11-M?

    Why aren't journalists interested...
    :hi: Look at all the stories and they can copy and use them all. Free research. C'mon, you guys!
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