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Who Killed John O'Neill part III [View All]

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Who Killed John O'Neill part III
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Thread is a continuation from:

Who Killed John O'Neill

Who needs a plane?
An Updated MIHOP

Who did 9/11? A question we all want to know answers to.
Meet the CIA of the 21st century. Privatized, independent and hidden from view.
  • AIG as Money Laundering Inc.
  • Marsh Crisis Consultancy as Terrorism Inc with Osama bin Laden played by Paul Bremer
  • Kroll as the privatized CIA Inc.
  • al-Cokeda as the drug dealers in the flight schools who are later called terrorists in the OCT.

  • Learn how they all work together.
  • Learn how they make fortunes on 9/11 with insider trading.
  • Learn how sophisticated psyops and black ops is.

  • Learn what the government and the OCTers don't want you to know


The video (it is better if you watch the video first)
Ty Rauber made it and it has one actor playing all the parts -a conspiracy theorist, a paranoid "they're after us" type, an OCTer, a philospher and they are all discussing 911-it's kind of like this forum. He ties Kroll, CIA, AIG together, speculated that Kroll is a sort of privatized CIA, running on drug money but able to do what the CIA can't because they aren't allowed. Some of this relates to the Hopsicker story.

Why are these Kroll types anti terrorism experts; where do they get the information? Then they show how people move between these corporations and CIA . Doesn't spend a lot of time on the hows and why's of the actual day, more about drugs insurance companies/ CIA and the piece de resistance -what Al Qaeda really is and what Mohammed Atta's function was, his opinion will make a lot of sense as to Atta's behavior.

This is all for the same video, I gave different links in case some didn't work:

Movie Downloads:


Iran-Contra II

How the 9/11 flight schools were being used for narcotics trafficing to finance black operations like 9/11 which was covered up by labeling the drug dealers, terrorists. The drug import just continued after 9/11 as if nothing happened and were involved in the biggest cocaine shipment ever...

Mohammed Atta's girlfriend

Learn about drug planes being used also for illegal CIA rendition, the (hidden) owner of the flight school committing insider trading on 9/11, scams with non-existing companies which miraculously produce DC-9s, and much more...

In dedication of the top anti-terrorism expert of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, John O'Neill


American International Group = Maurice "Hank" Greenberg
Marsh & McLennan = Jeffrey Greenberg
Ace = Evan Greenberg
Bear Stearns = Alan Greenberg

Kroll always had AIG as shareholder and is currently part of Marsh.
Greenberg-Traurig is now an "independent" law firm, but was started by Maurice.

Possible teams for 9/11:

October 11, 2001 Marsh established specialized terrorism team called Marsh Crisis Consultancy
The following teams were added to it: Control Risks Group, a British ex-SAS team and Versar, bio-terrorism and homeland defense team. The same group could have known each other from 9/11.

Kroll has military team in their company and merged with Armor Holdings on August 23rd thus adding Defence Systems Limited, another Private Military Corporation, to their operations, an ex-KGB team called Alpha Firm was earlier acquired by Defence Systems Limited.

That makes at least four teams which could have been used on 9/11.
Additional teams from the military could have been used as well.

They had the means to do this.
  • Marsh had full control on WTC1 where they occupied all floors.
  • Marsh had the top floor of the WTC2 "impact" and could have worked their way down, however the main occupant was Fuji bank with whom AIG did a lot of work and also featured in Iran-Contra and 78th floor had Baseline Financial who also did business with Rupert Murdoch.
  • WTC7 contained a CIA office and Kroll and AIG are very closely related to the CIA and it is very likely that Kroll is the privatized version of the CIA
  • The Pentagon was of course under their own control.
  • Mass Electric Construction Co, a company specializing in wiring, was on the 84th floor of WTC2.

    They had the opportunity to do this.

  • AIG/Kroll/Marsh are closely connected to the Bush administration, to Henry Kissinger.
  • AIG/Kroll/Marsh are also closely related to the Intelligence Community.
  • AIG/Kroll/Marsh capitalized on 9/11 and it was good for their business.
  • AIG was laundering drug money for al-Cokeda.
  • AIG was involved in the oil and gas line to Afghanistan
  • There is reason to believe that the Taliban either cut back on the drug trade or that they went into business for themselves. Either way the flow of heroin from Afghanistan was drastically limited.
  • Greenberg and Khasshogi had a business relation and benefited for the narcotics from Afghanistan and had interest in the oil and gas line as well
  • The Greenberg family and the Bush family are partners in fraud.
  • Greenberg-Traurig played a major role in both the Election Fraud 2000, Election Fraud 2004 and is the personal law firm for Jeb Bush.
  • The Office of Emergency Management was needed according to Rudolph Giuliani, so it could have been used for other purposes.

    They had motive to do this.

    There are main objectives to 9/11 and additional subgoals persuded that day. The main objectives are:
    1. Enabling the war in Afghanistan for oil and drugs.
    2. Bush administration gets an enormous popularity gain.
    3. Enabling Homeland security.
    4. Passing the Patriot Act.
    5. Massive insurance fraud.
    6. The missing trillions of the Pentagon.
    7. Added later: War in Iraq (not part of the original plan)

    Sub goals:
    1. Elimination of competitors: Better position for Silverstream and Marsh in risk management by inviting all experts over the whole world to Windows of the World and eliminating some competitors in WTC.
    2. Downsizing of Cantor/eSpeed.
    3. Solve some "minor" problems for companies either in WTC or by inside trading.
    4. Massive destruction of evidence in the Enron scandal, price inflation fraud for Silverstream, WorldCom, Global Crossing and many other scandals.

    9/11 and Iran-Contra
    There are many similarities between 9/11 and Iran-Contra. One could even say that the same blue print was used and the terror event added as a quick justification of their goals

    Objectives of Iran-Contra:
    1. October Surprise: President Ronald Reagan and Vice President George H.W. Bush
    2. Guerrilla warfare in Central and South America
    3. A war between Iraq and Iran

    Objectives of 9/11:
    1. Butterfly ballots, Vote spoilage, Greenberg-Traurig: President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney
    2. A war with Afghanistan
    3. Guerrilla warfare in Venezuela and Lebanon?

    Bonuses (W. tries to double H.W.)
    4. A war with Iraq
    Not in the original plan, however on September 12, 2001, George W. Bush told Richard A. Clarke: "Go back over everything, everything. See if Saddam did this. See if he's linked in any way"
    This is the probably reason why Germany, France and Canada bailed out, because they had given approval for Afghanistan and at least Germany played a part in the Venice scheme.

    5. If you can rig one election, might as well take the next one also.
    6. Iran? (option or coming soon...)

    Why the Pentagon had to be included as well

    By Minstrel Boy

    They say I shot a man named Gray and took his wife to Italy.
    She inherited a million bucks and when she died it came to me.
    I can't help it if I'm lucky. - Bob Dylan

    (...) At least among those with a mind for such things, it's fairly well- remembered that on September 10, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld made the shocking announcement that the Pentagon "couldn't track" $2.3 trillion of its transactions. "Iroquois" observes, "What's interesting to me is that he made his press release on a Monday. In DC, I always see bad news given on a Friday, usually late in the afternoon on Friday. The exception, of course, would be when someone happens to know that there is a far bigger story coming out."

    And we know that Flight 77, allegedly piloted by an incompetent, made an aerobatic, spiralling descent over Washington, effecting a 270-degree turn to strike the Pentagon from a western approach at ground level. The side struck was the only one with an exterior wall hardened against attack, and was relatively empty while renovation continued. (...)

    WTC building insurance and ownership
    What were the 3 companies who insured the WTC?

    AIG, Marsh and ACE. All run by Greenbergs at the time.

    They then sold stakes of the original contract to their competition, a process called reinsuring. Once the towers came down, the reinsurers got caught holding the bag.

    Who mortgaged the WTC? The Blackstone Group, headed by Peter J. Peterson, current head of the CFR. The Blackstone Group bought into Kroll in 1993 at the same time as AIG took majority control. Henry Kissinger sits on the board of the Blackstone Group.

    On July 24, 2001, 6 weeks prior to 9/11 Silverstein took control of the lease of all the WTC buildings following the Port Authority decision on April 26. Silverstein owned all the buildings. Later he wanted to collect twice on $3.6 billion of policies because it were two seperate events. Only ACE, XL Reach - strategic partners of AIG and currently owned by AIG - included a WilProp in their clauses, so Silverstein "only" got $5 billion.

    Larry Silverstein

    Larry "Pull It" Silverstein

    "I remember getting a call from the, er, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, 'We've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.' And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse."

    - World Trade Center lease holder, Larry Silverstein, commenting on the collapse of Building 7 in the PBS documentary "America Rebuilds" that aired in September of 2002.

    Or watch a video clip of them here:

  • Victims and Survivors
    There are some strange victims and survivors in WTC. It makes sense that the lower floors survived, but the top floors have some anomalies as well.

  • Alliance Consulting Group (unknown yet)
  • AON Corporation (risk management)
  • Cantor Fitzgerald Securities + eSpeed (literally downsizing)
    CARR Futures (risk management)
  • Euro Brokers (risk competitor. the four survivors even got the advice not to go down)

    Windows on the World
  • Hotel and Restaurant Employees International (union)
  • Keefe, Bruyette and Woods, Inc. (unknown)
  • Sandler O'Neill and Partners (investor in eSpeed)
  • Windows on the World (Risk meeting and only a restaurant)

  • American Bureau of Shipping (destruction of evidence. Little affair with Spanish government)
  • Banco LatinoAmericano de Exportaciones Sud America (unknown)
  • Bank of America (inside trading)
  • Deutsche Bank (inside trading)
  • Dun & Bradstreet (their buddy in risk)
  • Fireman's Fund Insurance Company (used to be owned by Myron Du Bain ties to Huffman Aviation)
  • Fuji Bank (doesn't make sense, since they were right on the impact area)
  • Lehman Brothers (inside trading)
  • Morgan Stanley (inside trading)
  • Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (84/3000, however 37 were cops so that leaves 47 including the executive director Neil D. Levin)
  • Raytheon Company (only lost four on the "planes")
  • Seabury and Smith (part of Marsh)
  • ZimAmerican Israeli Shipping Company] (decided to move out one week earlier)


    Pre-9/11 inside traders

    Did they know about those planes?
  • American Airlines (involved in the planes)
  • American Express Corp (in WTC7)
  • American International Group (involved in Kroll/Marsh/CIA)
  • AMR Corporation (I think I see an indirect link to the DCI here)
  • Axa SA (owner American Airlines. #2 global insurer)
  • Bank of America Corp (in WTC1)
  • Bank of New York Corp
  • Bank One Corp
  • Bear Stearns (Alan Greenberg was former CEO. Always tied up with the Bush family)
  • Boeing (involved in the planes)
  • Cigna Group
  • Citigroup Inc. (owns Salomon Smith Barney; did scam in Brazil with Kroll)
  • CNA Financial
  • Carnival Corp
  • Chubb Group
  • Continental Airlines
  • Dean Witter & Co. (See Morgan Stanley)
  • Deutsche Bank (CIA's favorite bank, since DB bought Alex Brown. Their building got partially destroyed as well. Biggest inside trader of them all)
  • General Motors
  • Genesis Intermedia (Adnan Khashoggi owner Huffman Aviation)
  • John Hancock Financial Services
  • Hercules Inc
  • L-3 Communications Holdings, Inc.
  • Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc. (In WTC1 and WTC3. Links up with Blackstone group)
  • Lockheed Martin Corp.
  • Lone Star Technologies
  • LTV Corporation
  • Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc. (In WTC1 as well as WTC2. Prime suspect.)
  • Martin Progressive (in WTC1)
  • MetLife (in WTC1)
  • Morgan Stanley (In WTC2)
  • Northwest Airlines
  • Progressive Corp.
  • Raytheon (In WTC2. Everybody in the building survived despite being above impact)
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd.
  • Royal & Sun Alliance (Another AIG buddy)
  • Southwest Airlines
  • United Airlines (In the planes)
  • US Airways
  • Vornado Reality Trust
  • W.R. Grace
  • XL Capital Ltd. (Part of AIG.)


    Index of previous discussions

    The Greenberg Family Cartel
  • Kroll (privatized CIA)
  • - CIA privatization (Independent, lawless, unrestricted. And they didn't even tell us)

  • Marsh (scene of the crime)

  • - Marsh Crisis Consultancy (terror group lead by Paul Bremer)

  • - Marsh Victims

  • American International Group (Mother of all fraud)

  • Risk management (How to become market leader by eliminating competition)
  • - Silverstream Fraud Class Action June 20, 2001

  • Greenberg cartel (A family that preys together, stays together)

    Hilliard's heroin plane
  • Al-Cokeda (Drugs for black ops)
  • - Venice (The new Mena?)

  • Ace Limited (Another family member in insurance and 9/11)
  • Alpha Firm (KGB enemies? Hell no, their former top team can joined us)
  • Armor Holding (Two more teams for 9/11)
  • Bear Stearns (Bush's best buddy: Harken Energy, Texas Rangers, Trilateral Investment and Clear Channel)
  • Defence Systems Limited (The UK top team was there as well)
  • Greenberg-Traurig (Election 2000 Fraud and Election 2004 Fraud)
  • XL Insurance (WilProp for Larry)

    Reinsurance/ownership of the World Trade Center:
  • Blackstone Group (Let the competitor of AIG pay for the damage)

  • Larry Silverstein / Port Authority (Make billions by blowing up WTC)

  • Chubb / Allianz / AXA / Swiss Re (AIG's competition)

  • Ace / XL (owned by AIG) + WilProp (It's almost like they knew in advance)

    Key people
  • Mohammed Atta (Terrorist or drug dealer?)

  • David Boren (George Tenet, AMR Corporation, Moussaoui and Nick Berg :wow:)

  • Paul Bremer (Links to Marsh, Bush administration and HenryKissinger. Spider in the web)

  • Bush family (Partners of Greenberg family. They can't possibly be involved, right?)

  • Michael Cherkasky (Small cop at DA, WTC93, BCCI, Kroll and now CEO Marsh)

  • Rudy Giulani (The mayor who knew everything in advance. Even London)

  • Greenberg family (Maurice, Jeffrey, Evan and of course The Ace)

  • Jerome Hauer (The man who appointed John O'Neill)

  • Willy Hilliard (CIA and drugs?)

  • Adnan Khashoggi (Oliver North II)

  • Henry K. (King Henry, the butcher of Cambodia)

  • John O'Neill (We don't want an investigation into 9/11)

  • Thomas Pickard (The temporary director when everything was being planned)

  • Sanford Weill (Sandy seems to know everybody as well)

  • Marsh & Kroll management (Thomas E. Constance, Oscar Fanjul, Michael A. Petrullo, Michael Shmerling and J. Arthur Urciuoli)

    Sibel Edmonds
  • Sibel Edmonds (Overheard Turkish intelligence talking about 9/11)

  • Richard Grove (Silverstream)

  • Indira Sangh (Windows on the World meeting)

    Twin Tower Corporation Index

    This is an overview of the companies with links to the different pages. Companies with were considered of little or no relevance are not listed. And the lower floors of both buildings were considered less relevant. The same applied to very small companies. A listing here does in no way imply that the company was involved in 9/11.

    The index has been created from various sources and there does not seem to be an official and concise overview of the Twin Towers.

    Bold = Inside trader
    Italic = Victim
    ?? = Interesting, but too little is known.

    Main companies in WTC1

    Floor # - Company (tot/vict) - Comment
    107 - World Trade Club = Windows on the World (75/66) - Owned several bars/restaurants
    107 - Hotel and Restaurant Employees International (277/77)
    106 - Windows on the World (75/66)
    106 - Hotel and Restaurant Employees International (277/77)
    105 - Genuity = L-3 Communications (10/1)
    105 - Cantor Fitzgerald / ESpeed (1000/685+125)
    104 - Cantor Fitzgerald / ESpeed (1000/685+125)
    103 - Cantor Fitzgerald / ESpeed (1000/685+125)
    102 - Cantor Fitzgerald / ESpeed (1000/685+125)
    102 - Alliance Consulting Group (22/7) ??
    101 - Cantor Fitzgerald / ESpeed (1000/685+125)
    100 - Marsh USA (1900/295)
     99 - Marsh USA (1900/295)
     98 - Marsh USA (1900/295)
     97 - Marsh USA (1900/295)
     96 - Marsh USA (1900/295)
     95 - Marsh USA (1900/295)
     94 - Marsh USA (1900/295)
     93 - Marsh USA (1900/295)
     93 - Fred Alger Management (36/36) - Used eSpeed
     92 - CARR Futures (141/69)
     91 - American Bureau of Shipping (22/0)
     90 - Dun & Bradstreet (80/0) - Silverstream
     89 - Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (52/2) - Inside trader
     89 - Banco LatinoAmericano de Exportaciones Sud America (20/0) ??
     86 - Trading Technologies (7/0) - Deutsche Bank
     83 - Global Crossing Holdings - Destruction of evidence
     81 - Bank of America (400/2)
     79 - Virtual suite 7967 with for example Buttonwood
     78 - Korea Local Government Center (8/0) - Must have told South-Korea. Just imagine the scandal if they didn't
     77 - Martin Progressive (80/0)
     65 - Boeing
     62 - CARR Futures (see above. This lower floor survived)
     59 -">Sidley Austin Brown & Wood (600/1)
     58 -">Sidley Austin Brown & Wood (600/1)
     57 -">Sidley Austin Brown & Wood (600/1)
     56 -">Sidley Austin Brown & Wood (600/1)
     54 -">Sidley Austin Brown & Wood (600/1)
     53 - AIG Aviation Brokerage part of AIG
     53 - French Embassy Financial Services - See South-Korea
     50 - Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank (unk/0) ??
     49 - Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank (unk/0) ??
     48 - Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank (unk/0) ??
     40 - Lehman Brothers (618/1)
     39 - Lehman Brothers (618/1)
     38 - Lehman Brothers (618/1)
     37 - Government of Thailand (>9/0) - See South-Korea
     36 - Kemper Insurance Companies part of Marsh
     35 - Kemper Insurance Companies part of Marsh
     34 - Royal Thai Embassy Office - See South-Korea
     34 - Port Authority 3000/74)
     33 - China Daily Distribution Corporation - Nothing is known about the company ??
     32 - Cantor Fitzgerald - See above
     31 - Port Authority - See above
     31 - Empire Blue (1914/5) - Sad story of Abe Zelmanowitz who stayed behind with his friend in the wheel chair.
     29 - ZimAmerican Israeli Shipping Company - Moved out Sept 4. Left some equipment though
     28 - Port Authority
     28 - Empire Blue
     27 - Empire Blue
     26 - Garban Intercapital (675/1) - ??
     25 - Garban Intercapital (675/1)
     24 - Port Authority - See above
     24 - Empire Health Choice = Empire Blue
     23 - Empire Health Choice
     22 - Virtual suite 2201
     20 - Empire Health Choice
     19 - Empire Health Choice
     19 - Port Authority
     17 - Empire Health Choice
     17 - ZimAmerican Israeli Shipping Company
     16 - ZimAmerican Israeli Shipping Company
     14 - Dun & Bradstreet
     14 - Port Authority
     11 - Bank of America
     10 - Bank of America
      9 - Bank of America
      3 - Port Authority

    Main companies in WTC2

    Floor # - Company (tot/vict) - Comment
    104 - Sandler O'Neill and Partners (180/63) - Owned several bars/restaurants
    101 - AON Corporation (1350/170)
    100 - AON Corporation (1350/170)
     99 - AON Corporation (1350/170)
     97 - Fiduciary Trust Company International (645/76)
     96 - Fiduciary Trust Company International (645/76)
     95 - Fiduciary Trust Company International (645/76)
     94 - Fiduciary Trust Company International (645/76)
     93 - AON Corporation (1350/170)
     91 - Raytheon Company (unk/4 on planes)
     90 - Washington Group International Inc (190/13) - ??
     89 - Keefe, Bruyette and Woods, Inc. (171/63) - ??
     88 - Keefe, Bruyette and Woods, Inc. (171/63) - ??
     87 - NY Department of Taxation and Finance (224/39) - ??
     87 - Corporation Service Company (100/0) - ??
     86 - NY Department of Taxation and Finance (224/39) - ??
     86 - Marsh USA (1900/295 in WTC1)
     85 - Marsh USA (1900/295 in WTC1)
     85 - Harris Beach (113/5) - Represented Gov. Carey
     85 - Keefe, Bruyette and Woods, Inc. (171/63) - ??
     84 - Euro Brokers (285/61 survivors on lower floor)
     84 - Mass Electric Construction Co - Mystery wire expert
     83 - IQ Financial Systems (110/3)
     82 - Fuji Bank (625/9)
     81 - Fuji Bank (625/9)
     80 - Fuji Bank (625/9)
     79 - Fuji Bank (625/9)
     78 - First Commercial Bank (27/1) - Note: small office of a small bank. Most likely unrelated
     78 - Baseline Financial (175/3)
     77 - Baseline Financial (175/3)
     74 - Morgan Stanley (3700/6)
     73 - Morgan Stanley (3700/6)
     72 - Morgan Stanley (3700/6)
     71 - Morgan Stanley (3700/6)
     70 - Morgan Stanley (3700/6)
     69 - Morgan Stanley (3700/6)
     68 - Morgan Stanley (3700/6)
     67 - Morgan Stanley (3700/6)
     66 - Morgan Stanley (3700/6)
     65 - Morgan Stanley (3700/6)
     64 - Morgan Stanley (3700/6)
     63 - Morgan Stanley (3700/6)
     62 - Morgan Stanley (3700/6)
     61 - Morgan Stanley (3700/6)
     60 - Morgan Stanley (3700/6)
     59 - Morgan Stanley (3700/6)
     58 - Dow Jones (900/0)
     57 - Dow Jones (900/0)
     56 - Morgan Stanley (3700/6)
     55 - Garban Intercapital (675/1) ??
     54 - Guy Carpenter (700/1) = Marsh
     53 - Guy Carpenter (700/1) = Marsh
     52 - Guy Carpenter (700/1) = Marsh
     51 - Guy Carpenter (700/1) = Marsh
     50 - Guy Carpenter (700/1) = Marsh
     49 - Guy Carpenter (700/1) = Marsh
     49 - Seabury and Smith = Marsh
     48 - Guy Carpenter (700/1) = Marsh
     48 - Fireman's Fund Insurance Company (190/0)
     47 - Guy Carpenter (700/1) = Marsh
     46 - Fireman's Fund Insurance Company (190/0)
     45 - Fireman's Fund Insurance Company (190/0)
     44 - Fireman's Fund Insurance Company (190/0)
     43 - Fireman's Fund Insurance Company (190/0)
     40 - Thacher, Proffitt and Wood (300/0) - ??
     39 - Thacher, Proffitt and Wood (300/0)
     38 - Thacher, Proffitt and Wood (300/0)
     36 - Frenkel and Company (180/0) - ??
     35 - Frenkel and Company (180/0)
     34 - Oppenheimer Funds (600/0) = Massachusetts Mutual and not Oppenheimer & Company
     33 - Oppenheimer Funds (600/0)
     32 - Oppenheimer Funds (600/0)
     31 - Oppenheimer Funds (600/0)
     30 - Hartford Steam Boiler = ITT
     29 - Weatherly Securities Corp (60/0) - ??
     23 - SCOR U.S. Corporation (120/0) - ??
     22 - Mancini Duffy (150/0) - ??
     20 - Thacher, Proffitt and Wood (300/0)
     20 - NY Shipping Association (140/0)
     19 - NY Shipping Association (140/0)
     18 - 4 U Services Inc (25/0)
     17 - N.Y. Institution of Finance (65/0)
     16 - National Development and Research Institute (130/0)
     15 - Mancini Duffy (150/0)
     12 - Verizon Communications (400/2) - See: Thomas Kean
     12 - Euro Brokers (285/61 survivors on lower floor)
     11 - Verizon Communications (400/2)
     10 - Verizon Communications (400/2)
      9 - Verizon Communications (400/2)

    Other subjects
  • 2 tons of coke in Paris (al-Cokeda as well?)
  • 5.5 tons of coke in Mexico (Something's rotten in the town of Venice)
  • 9/11 Encyclopedia
  • 9/11 Commission (Independent Commission? LMAO!)

  • Afghanistan (History)
  • Airlines (cartel / inside traitors)
  • Airman Flight School (Baker/Hughes why does that name sound familiar?)
  • Salvador Allende (The other 9/11. Some players are the same ?!)
  • Khalid Almihdhar (The terrorists who wasn't in the database)
  • American Express (Warren Buffett or Vernon Jordan or both??)
  • Anthrax (Add some bio terrorism as well)
  • American Bureau of Shipping (destruction of evidence)
  • AMR Corporation (Senator David Boren and George Tenet??)
  • AON Corporation (Risk management victim)

  • Bank of America (The partner of BCCI)
  • Baseline Financial (Did business with Rupert Murdoch. Need I say more?)
  • James R. Bath (Bush's former buddy. Strange that the name of his company was similar)
  • BEA Systems (Risk management victim)
  • Nick Berg (False flag?)
  • Warren Buffett (Happened to invite a CEO at Bush's hide out)
  • Buttonwood, the company that didn't exist

  • Cantor/eSpeed (Major reorganization during 9/11) (Story removed from site - Just contains excerpt)
  • Carnival/Carnivore Corporation (Also did a scam during Katrina)
  • CARR Futures (Risk management victim)
  • ChoicePoint (Wanted to merge with Kroll. The guys who purged the voter roles in 2000 and were at the scene at 9/11 for DNA identification of the victims)
  • CIA rendition (How to use drug planes for other illegal things as well)
  • Cigna group (Sold insurance part to Ace Ltd part of AIG and did inside trading)
  • Citigroup (Did we really sponsor Palestinian
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