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DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jul-02-06 03:42 AM
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39. Henry Kissinger, Butcher of Cambodia
Let's start with some 9/11 links discover upto now:
Henry K. -> American International Group
Henry K. -> Marsh
Henry K. -> Marsh Crisis Consultancy
Henry K. -> Paul Bremer (former CEO of Henry and Associates)
Henry K. -> Adnan Khashoggi
Henry K. -> Enron
Henry K. -> Blackstone Group
Henry K. -> Peter J. Peterson
Henry K. -> CFR
Henry K. -> Greenberg-Traurig
George W. Bush wanted to add Henry K. -> 9/11 Commission as well


Henry Alfred Kissinger, (born May 27, 1923), butcher of Cambodia, former United States Secretary of State in the Nixon and Ford Administrations who played a dominant role in foreign affairs between 1969 and 1977.

Kissinger played a role in the September 11, 1973, coup by Augusto Pinochet against the government of Chilean President Salvador Allende.

In December 1975, Kissinger and Ford met with President Suharto of Indonesia; on that occasion they gave their approval for his invasion of East Timor, which led to the massacre of 200,000 Timorese.

He continued to participate in secret lobby groups such as the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg and to do political consulting, speaking, and writing. The Who Killed John O'Neill investigation names Henry Kissinger over and over again as deeply involved with the 9/11 attack. Nevertheless President George W. Bush in 2002 wanted to appoint Kissinger to chair a committee to investigate the events of the September 11 attacks.

Kissinger was sadly rewarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in the peace negotiation in Vietnam. His war crimes were sadly overlooked, because the number of deaths Kissinger was responsible for is enormous.

Kissinger and War Crimes

The February and March 2001 issues of Harper's Magazine featured a two-part series of articles by British journalist Christopher Hitchens on the case for charging Kissinger with war crimes

Kissinger and War Crimes

Aliases: Henry Alfred Kissinger, Heinz Alfred Kissinger, Butcher of Cambodia Age: 80+ Sex: Male Build: Heavy Race: White

In the minutes of a secret 1975 meeting of the National Security Council attended by President Ford reveal Henry Kissinger grumbling, "It is an act of insanity and national humiliation to have a law prohibiting the President from ordering assassination." - Lost Crusader: The Secret Wars of CIA Director William Colby, by John Prados, Oxford University Press, 2003

The February and March 2001 issues of Harper's Magazine feature a series by Christopher Hitchens on the case for charging Kissinger with War Crimes. Part I: The making of a war criminal Part 2 will feature an extensive section on East Timor.

Christopher Hitchens' Trial of Henry Kissinger: A Review By Mike McGlothlin ... ( )

Hitchens presents a rather straightforward argument that establishes two seemingly undeniable propositions: on at least one occasion, Henry K. conspired to commit murder, and that on numerous other occasions, Henry K. was the primary force behind certain acts that could quite plausibly be considered war crimes. The case for Henry K. as murder conspirator is what Hitchens calls a "lay-down" case, i.e., one that stands out for its clear facts and clear law.

The murder victim is General Rene Schneider, who was the Commander in Chief of the Chilean Army, whom Hitchens misidentifies as the Chilean "Chief of Staff."; According to Hitchens (and the 09 September, 1970 minutes of the "40" Committee, the Kissinger chaired secret panel that oversaw U.S. covert operations), the Chilean military had a strong tradition of neutrality in political affairs, a rarity on the South American continent. General Schneider was known as an officer committed to upholding the Chilean constitution and therefore opposed to the rumored incipient coup against newly elected Socialist President Salvador Allende by a right wing would- be junta of current and former Chilean military officers. Using U.S. Government communications cables from the CIA and documents from the State Department, and White House, Hitchens relates the facts of Kissinger's direct involvement in the direction, planning, financing, and general support by the organs of the U.S. Government in the plot to remove General Schneider.

LA Weekly: WLS Review: Henry: Portrait of a Serial Kissinger ( )

The Case Against Kissinger

The Case Against Henry Kissinger
By Christopher Hitchens

Here is the secret in plain words. In the fall of 1968, Richard Nixon and some of his emissaries and underlings set out to sabotage the Paris peace negotiations on Vietnam. The means they chose were simple: they privately assured the South Vietnamese military rulers that an incoming Republican regime would offer them a better deal than would a Democratic one.

In this way, they undercut both the talks themselves and the electoral strategy of Vice President Hubert Humphrey. The tactic "worked," in that the South Vietnamese junta withdrew from the talks on the eve of the election, thereby destroying the peace initiative on which the Democrats had based their campaign.

In another way, it did not "work," because four years later the Nixon Administration tried to conclude the war on the same terms that had been on offer in Paris. The reason for the dead silence that still surrounds the question is that in those intervening years some 20,000 Americans and an uncalculated number of Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Laotians lost their lives. Lost them, that is to say, even more pointlessly than had those slain up to that point. The impact of those four years on Indochinese society, and on American democracy, is beyond computation. The chief beneficiary of the covert action, and of the subsequent slaughter, was Henry Kissinger.


The Kissinger Videos

Very much recommended!

Wilfried Huismann - The Kissinger File

Pinochet barely got away with it. Milosevic was not so fortunate. He was arrested and then extradited to the War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague. Both one time heads of state stand accused of Crimes Against Humanity - both were dictators. Henry Kissinger, however, could be the first representative of a democratic country to stand before the Hague high court.

Video at:

BBC Four - The Trials of Henry Kissinger

Assassination, secret bombings and massacre. War crimes committed by Kissinger.

Video at:

Henry K. scandal overview: (not complete...)
  • 9/11
  • AIG
  • Salvador Allende
  • Argentina
  • Bank of Credit and Commerce International
  • Bilderberg Group
  • Bohemian Grove
  • Chile
  • Council on Foreign Relations
  • Cyprus coup
  • Election fraud 2000
  • Election fraud 2004
  • Al Haig
  • Lavoro Bank
  • Mack McLarty
  • J.P. Morgan and Co
  • Operation Condor
  • Operation Jennifer
  • Richard Perle
  • Augusto Pinochet
  • Trilateral Commission
  • Unocal
  • Watergate

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