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Reply #69: Indira Singh on PTech (Is this software "connection"?) [View All]

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mirandapriestly Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jun-25-06 06:48 PM
Response to Reply #68
69. Indira Singh on PTech (Is this software "connection"?)
She said they were a CIA front and that they worked out of the basement of the FAA.(!!!) Did they do the software to override NORAD? From an old message, below are some notes I took from Indira Singh speaking and a link where you can listen to her yourself. (I think it is odd that she was late for the meeting, she doesn't seem like the type, I want to add (unrelated to this post)
My noter: (link below)
Former Ptech Employees had seen the hijackers and other people on terror lists pass through the ptech halls. Direct connection to 9-11.

People within the FBI have said "we will make the third reich look like a tea party" 2002

token raid; so they were no help. She has contacted people on the right and the left who

are willing to come out. whistle blowers have said 73 was scrambled in time, passengers did

not bring it down, it was shot down. ptech surveillance and intervention she was using it

for that but could it have been using it for on 911? could have been. FAA and Ptech looking

for holes in communication software to take advantage of those holes? ptech had operated

out of basement of FAA. the had log in access to flight control password to high clearance

computer info. Ptech also had access at NORAD, FBI, Air Force (you get the picture- (my

words)) keane from commission had done business with ptech and so had other commission

people conflict of interests. commission totally flawed.
you needed inside knowledge to do this ptech had that knowledge.
Ptech was a CIA front this was validated to her. All over US infrastructure, you don't get

this without higher level help. American software companies unhappy that ptech they got all

the good jobs because Saudi owned.(!) Ptech started in 1993. "shut up and go away or you

will be killed" Jp Morgan, FBI, Ptech told her that. CBS found it was not only as bad as

what she said but much worse. they were going to run story on anniversary on 911 - it got

shut down.
renamed Go Agile still going
She was fired for her trouble.
The systems response indicts them (The US). If this was a real terror attack we would be

seeing pictures of New Yorkers lungs over tv for the next 10 years. We were never shown

what it was really like.
Fed government is being looted for the game at play. Global not just America

Add- Ptech was financed by Saudis one of whom was on US terror list while having carte

blanche to major US corporations and US gov't agencies (particuliarly those involved in

first --

This is a link to a post by rman, with text below from same thread:

"Who is really behind PTECH is the question. I asked that of many intelligence people who came to my aid as I was being blacklisted, and I was told, "Indira, it is a CIA clandestine op on the level of Iran-Contra."
And I have reason to believe this because Care International that was mentioned in one of the slides is a renamed version of Alkhifah which was the funding arm for WTC '93. Prior to Alkhifah it was called Maktab Al-Khidamat, which is the funding arm for the Afghani Mujahideen. It was how the monies got to Osama bin Laden through the Pakistani ISI (secret service)."

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