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DrDebug Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jun-23-06 04:09 PM
Response to Reply #51
52. Paul Bremer bio
Lewis Paul Bremer III went to Yale with William Henry Trotter Bush, brother George H.W. Bush, and Porter Goss where all three became member of the Fence Club. In 1966 he started out in Kabul, Afghanistan and from 1968 to 1971 Blantyre, Malawi. (1)

Bremer was assistant to Henry Kissinger from 1972 to 76. Deputy Chief of Mission in Oslo from 1976-79 and 1981 becomes Special Assistant to Alexander Haig. He played a minor side role in Iran-contra with Oliver North in the Operations Sub-Group at the NSC. (1)

Ronald Reagan appointed Bremer as Ambassador to the Netherlands in 1983 and Ambassador-at-Large for Counterterrorism in 1986. In 1989 he becomes managing director at Kissinger and Associates and later becomes CEO of Marsh Crisis Consulting. In 1999 he becomes chairman of the National Commission on Terrorism. (1)

It is unclear where he was on 9/11. Neverthless it is clear that he wasn't in his office and his team was in WTC 2 on the floors at and above where the second aircraft hit, so they suffered no casualties. A couple of days later Marsh makes a press release: "accelerated plans to launch a new consulting unit to capitalize on heightened corporate fears of terrorism" (5)

Even though his office is a pile of rubble, they are rapidly expanding their operations and not soon after his division merges with Control Risks Group LLC and Versar, a bioterrorism and homeland defense services firm on October 11th and 19th respectively. (2)

In late 2001, along with Edwin Meese, Bremer co-chaired the Heritage Foundation's Homeland Security Task Force, which created a blueprint for the White House's Department of Homeland Security. President Bush appointed Bremer in May 2003 as the chief executive authority in Iraq. (1)

In his role as head of the Coalition Provisional Authority, he reported only to the U.S. Secretary of Defense and exercised authority over Iraq's civil administration. He served in this capacity from May 11, 2003 until limited Iraqi sovereignty was restored on June 28, 2004. (1)
--- --- --- --- ---
His career gets an enormous lift after serving for Kissinger and Al Haig. Very little is known about Paul Bremer and he doesn't seem to do anything important. He is described as "old boy network ... unqualified and incompetent" (3), or "when I first heard Bremers name mentioned last week, I drew a complete blank" (4)

All he talks about is terror, attacks, biological warfare etc. and is nicknamed the "Voice of Doom" with pre-9/11 statements like:

In 1998: "bin Laden and his associates hate America, its values and its culture and proudly declare themselves to be at war with us" (8)

In 1999: "catastrophic terrorism ... in the event of a catastrophic attack ... tens of thousands of casualties, where the American people are going to be screaming for a response, that a President is going to want to consider using the military in some fashion ... the example we use is Pearl Harbor ... (7)

In 2000, he warned in congressional testimony of possible terror attacks, such as a radioactive release that "made 10 miles of Chicago's waterfront uninhabitable for 50 years". (6)

And two days after 9/11 gives the following speech: "This time the terrorists and their supporters must be crushed. But we must avoid a mindless search for an international 'consensus' for our actions.." (5)

His 1999 NCT report mentions overturning Posse Comitatus Act (4)

He starts out as just somebody in the Foreign Service, however after being assistent to Herny Kissinger and Al Haig he gets first promotions and then enters the real powerbroker Kissinger. 9/11 means that his ideas plans for homeland security become reality and he goes to Iraq where he made an enormous mess.


What happened in Iraq during his reign? It'll take a long time before we'll know. It was probably a catastrophic success.

Is Bremer the new Ted Shackley in JM/WAVE, because they've put Bremer's team in the other tower, just like Langley put their goons in Miami, because they were a bit too sociopathic for the average person... Speculation: Is Paul Bremer capable of organizing 9/11...
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