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spooked911 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Mar-04-06 11:56 PM
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45. Simple physics
Edited on Sun Mar-05-06 12:11 AM by spooked911
what the videos show is the plane smashing full-speed into the WTC, the plane does not slow at ALL yet the plane disappears inside-- then we see an explosion occur on the other side of the building and no more plane.

But the plane leaves a plane-shaped hole where it went in-- even the very wing-tips of the plane cut through steel columns.

So the plane SLICED into a steel building at full speed. It completely disappeared inside after cutting a shape of itself through steel and concrete. We never see the plane lose any integrity outside the building. But apparently the plane disintegrated once inside?

This makes no sense.

If the plane can slice into the building full speed and disappear inside, why can't it simply slice ALL the way through the building?

The length of a 767 (160 feet) is about 3/4 of the width of the WTC (208 feet).

The plane seems to cleanly go into the building for its complete length, but then COMPLETELY breaks apart in the last 50 feet?

The only way this could happen at all is if the plane hit something inside the building that was much harder than the outer wall and floor slabs-- perhaps the core structure with its huge box columns. Indeed, the second plane would have hit the core on the southeast corner.

But here's the thing-- the core was only about 40 feet inside from the outer south wall.

So the only way the second hit would make ANY sense is if the plane smashed through the outer wall, then struck the core and tore apart. But since the core was 40 feet in, and the plane was 160 long, we SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE PLANE SLOW ITS ENTRANCE INTO THE BUILDING AND there should have been a huge explosion coming out of the SOUTH WALL first. The explosion should not have occurred on the northeast corner.

So what we saw was a cartoon.

Maybe this doesn't convince you by itself, but when you put together everything else, such as the discrepent plane paths, the other video anomalies, the case is overwhelming that at least some of the videos were fake. And if some of the videos were faked, you have to ask WHY.
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