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The power generator oddity at the Pentagon [View All]

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killtown Donating Member (575 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Dec-14-05 01:42 AM
Original message
The power generator oddity at the Pentagon
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What could have knocked down the barbed wire fence, smashed through the floor of the wooden deck, smashed through the upper front port-side section of the power diesel generator and created a rear gouge in it's top in front of the Pentagon?

CatHerder says it was Flight 77's right engine and flap track fairing under it's right wing that did all this:

Area of fence to the right of the impact area partially flattened by the right engine of the plane... (obviously the right engine took out the fence to the right of those poles) and the entire back side of the fence has been torn away. The generator was hit by the right wing and engine before the 757 hit the building...

Closeup of generator smashed in the front and gouged on the top - hard to image a missile accomplishing both of these. But if the right engine of a 757 hit the front of the generator, part of the wing could gouge the top. At the very least, something very large, and very heavy smashed into this extremely heavy diesel generator.

Click the image on the left to view a large top-down image of the impact area, including the large diesel generator which is visibly damaged, and actually spun ~45 degrees from the impact! Most importantly it is spun ~45 degrees towards the building - if this was a missile or a bomb, the explosion could ONLY have spun it away from the building.

- CatHerder: Evidence That A Boeing 757 Really Did Impact the Pentagon on 9/11

However, the NIST report seems to say that only Flight 77's right wing hit the generator and that it's right engine missed the generator and just knocked down the fence:


The aircraft pulled up, seemingly aiming for the first floor of the building, and leveled off. Probst hit the ground and observed the right wing tip pass through the portable 750 kW generator that provides backup power to Wedge 1. The right engine took out the chainlink fence and posts surrounding the generator.

The plane approached low, flying directly over him and possibly clipping the antenna of the vehicle immediately behind him, and struck three light poles between him and the building. He saw his colleague Frank Probst directly in the planes path, and he witnessed a small explosion as the portable generator was struck by the right wing.


This is consistent with eyewitness statements that the right wing struck a large generator before the aircraft struck the building and that the left engine struck a ground-level, external vent structure.

- Pentagon Building Performance Report

If you look at damage to the generator, you can see that the front damage is above the middle of the generator (purple dotted line) which I measure to be about where the top of the fence line is:

If my measurements are correct and if the right engine hit the top part of the generator, then the right engine could not have hit the fence and the gouge on top of the generator could not have been caused by one of the plane's flap track fairings even if Flight 77 came in level:

Note that officials have Flight 77 coming in with it's right wing tilted upward which would seemingly make it more improbable that the flap track fairings caused the gouge on top of the generator:

So the remaining questions would be:

1) If CatHerder's correct in that the planes right engine struck the generator and spun it 45 deg towards the Pentagon, then how could the right engine have also struck the fence and one of the flap track fairings gouged it's top?

2) If NIST is correct that the plane's right engine just struck the fence and only it's right wing hit the generator, could the small area of one of it's wings have enough force to spin the heavy diesel filled generator 45 deg toward the Pentagon and could one of it's flap track fairings have gouged a straight line in it's top while the generator was spinning towards the building?

Seem more about Flight 77 and the power generator oddity.

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