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Scenario 12 d - Operation Northwood embedded [View All]

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SittingBull Donating Member (398 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Nov-21-05 01:23 PM
Original message
Scenario 12 d - Operation Northwood embedded
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Yesterday I postet this thread about foreknowlegde and the
existings plans, which most likely came true on 9-11.
( without a grain of phantasy )

But i have to admit that I forgot the Operation Northwoods Operation.

I assume that there was no stand down order.
Too many witnesses were needed.
And I want to mention that you don't have to misled the defense via war games exercises when there is a stand down order.

So, now here's my theory:

Scenaro 12 d of "The lone gunmen" was execute on 9-11

But when you consider the exercise, there are a few enervations.

1: How to blame arabs? I fear that the Group around Mohammed Atta was true, but that they have other plans, they were in the US to set free the blind sheik, and it's proven that the rogue elements in the gov'mt had know this. Maybe they were paid by the same elements via detour ( ISI )
So you have terrorists with a real plan, but not neccesary the plan that was exercised on 9-11 ( look in the other thread, please! )

2: Problem Number two: How to secure, that the planes were not interrupt by air-defense standard procedures? How to make sure that not one of the alleged suicide terrorists get nervous ( or failed because they probably couldn't fly planes at all! ) and missed the goal or break off the mission?
Here's Operation Northwoods, that comes in. German author Christian C. Walther made a timeline with the real flight positions of the four alleged hijacked planes and compares it to witness-reports and flight-control data available.
It's quite sure that there were only 3 hijackers on board of each plane, and that they weren't arab looking-style ( nobody mentioned it! ) and that all machines were on course quite a bit longer then stated. Now remember OP Northwoods- transponder off, another planes cross the flight-routes, the original flights landed, and the new ones fly to their goals. Effect: You misled the air defense, the F 16 are on a false way. ( David Ray Griffin suggest that with the lying of the military afterwards it indicated guilty - maybe this points to right direction, too ) and with remote controlled new planes your are sure to hit the targets, even with difficult flight maneuvers. But to make really sure that they will hit their targets you misled the air defense with dozens of exercises like Virgilant guardian. If something failed blame it on theses exercises.

There's another additionally observation: Without real pilots there's no chance to override possible remote control- as shown in the "Lone Gunmen" Pilot.

3: Now you have a new problem: You were sure to hit the targets, but you don't have full controll of the one and only Psy-Op attack place, the WTC.
By contretemps the whole plot could become obvious with the rescue efforts. So you have to make sure, that there was not one single evidence for this exercise- no missing bodies, no remote controll, no false planes. Therefore ( and for Psy-Op-announcement effect ) you bring the towers down with bombs that cut everything to pieces smaller 60 mikrons.

How? I think that was not a difficult thing to solve. You put enough kerosine on the planes and hope, that huge fires will burn. After some time the fire burnes, no one would askes question, if the towers came down.

In reality you put super-thermite bombs at the core columns. Little chance to discover, they look like energy cables.
A few days in advance you planted the igniter-bombs in the basement and some bombs that obstruct the way to the igniter bombs, with a little kerosene-filling for the right smell.

The obstruction bombs were lighted on time with the flight impact. All the attention is on top of the building at this moment. But here the first thing of the plan failed: The bomb in the north tower explode in advance of the impact above. And some eye-witnisses report this afterwards. Nevertheless. Procede.

Now you hope for huge fires to make the fell of the towers more reasonable- but then the fire goes shlighty out. Damned!
To rescue your mission, you have to bring down the towers promptly.

With the lightning of the super-thermite bombings the whole towers disintegrated to dust. No evidence.

The WTC 7, the Pentagon attack and Shanksville are only marginal in this operation. I think that a missile or other projectile which looks a little bit like a plane was used in the Penatgon attack.
WTC 7 maybe the exercise-central and evidence that had to be destroyed, too. There are some hints that the Shanksville-flight failed, but in another way we've been told to. Maybe because of a timing-lack.

So this is my theory on what had happened that day. I made it with my best conscience and in conformance with all available data and eye-witness reports and contextualize history knowledge.

But nevertheless I may be totally wrong with this scenario.
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